Sea Masters Superyacht Logistics has cleared up the misconception about long delays when crossing the Panama Canal. They’ve pointed out that, thanks to the Panama Canal Authority’s recent efforts to improve transit operations and safety, superyachts are only facing minor delays – instead of lengthy periods of time reported elsewhere.

What’s Actually Happening?

The Panama Canal is gradually getting back to normal after over a year of restrictions due to a severe drought.

With the rainy season starting, water levels in Gatun and Alhajuela Lakes have now surpassed the levels recorded on the same date in 2023. As of May 30, Gatun Lake levels were at 81.142 feet, up from 80.384 feet a year ago.

In addition to increased draft limits, the daily number of transits through the Panamax locks has risen from 17 to 24 as of May 16. Starting June 1, daily transits through the Neopanamax locks will go up from 7 to 8. This adjustment will bring the total number of vessel transits per day to 32, enhancing the Canal’s capacity.

The Panama Canal Authority is continuously monitoring weather conditions to respond to increased inflows to the watershed and implement necessary operational actions.

Crew, Looking For Help?

We hear from Cristian Paoli, who’s here to set the record straight on the Panama Canal – and how Sea Masters can help.

What’s the big misconception going around about the canal?

In early October 2023, information was that delays in crossing the canal could be long and unpredictable.

The reality is that, for all the superyachts that worked with us this season and crossed the canal (some of them more than once), they had an average delay of 1 to 3 day. A maximum of 5 in one case.

We had 25 superyachts that crossed the canal since October that encountered minimal or no delay.

The starting of the rainy season and the approach of la Niña is improving the water level moving toward normal levels, so we expect transits going back to normal in the next few months.

Who To Contact For Assistance

If you are interested in visiting Panama and Costa Rica, please contact Sea Masters Superyacht Logistics. They specialise in logistics and itineraries in Panama and Costa Rica as well as charter licence, making sure all the superyachts’ need are met and that the stay as pleasant as it could be, both to guests and crew.

You wouldn’t be alone in reaching out.

The list of yachts that crossed the canal and visited Panama and Costa Rica with Sea Masters include: Atomic, Mogambo, Powerplay, Netto Liva, M/Y Firebird, Zen, Lady Georgina – and many more!

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