African travel offers a vast range of experiences, from the calm and tranquil to the adrenaline-pushing activities. Diverse cultures and unique wildlife. Mountains of spears and oceans teeming with life and perfect waves. The scope of what is on offer is beyond measure, it is a feeling, a soulful change that has an everlasting impact. If you are starting to research an African safari getaway, you may be wondering which is the best. TAP Expeditions are here to give a taste of their bespoke expeditions by providing a variety of different safaris that cater to different budgets and desires.

TAP Expeditions - South African Safari company

Privately guided luxury expeditions

Guided expeditions are an amazing way to experience the beauty of Africa. A huge benefit of travelling with an experienced guide is being able to make use of their abundance of local knowledge. You will be granted insight into local cultures, the lay of the land, and an understanding of all the breathtaking plant and animal life Africa has to offer.

Which African safari is best - Sunset over Victoria Falls
Sunset over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Credit: Sammy Wong

A guided trip like TAP Expeditions’ Zimbabwean Expedition is a brilliant choice for those wanting a personalised experience, alongside being able to revitalise and invigorate. An example of a Southern African Safari itinerary could be a trip, taking place over 14 days/13 nights. It gives guests a two-week-long safari, featuring a wide array of unique wonders. The trip includes visits to Victoria Falls, to experience the raw wild, free to absorb the mighty big 5 submerged into a somewhat bygone African era (with all of the modern day’s luxuries to boot). See how the great advancement of man has become part of nature, like the man-made marvel of Lake Kariba, teeming with wildlife at her water’s edge.

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Which African safari is best
A baby elephant at the edge of Lake Kariba. Credit: Arpit Rastogi

Throughout any guided expedition you choose to embark upon, you can expect to see the wonderful surroundings from a new set of eyes, creating a truly unique and authentic experience.

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Budget-friendly short-stay expeditions

Short-stay expeditions lasting for less than a week are great for those wanting to experience the beauty of Africa on a smaller budget. There are many options when it comes to short-stay safaris, such as TAP’s Tugela Falls trip, which takes travellers through beautiful South Africa over 6 days/5 nights.

TAP Expeditions - Royal Natal National Park
A stunning view of the Royal Natal National Park. Credit: Rémi Prévost

Travellers can hike Tugela Falls – now the highest waterfall in the world – before retiring to a luxurious Big 5 establishment in the Nambiti Game Reserve to unwind and absorb the bountiful beauty. A limited budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the African adventure you’ve always wanted!

The Springbok Lodge located inside the Nambiti Game Reserve
The Springbok Lodge, located inside the Nambiti Game Reserve houses visitors travelling with TAP Expeditions.

Inside the Nambiti Game Reserve, there is so much wildlife to see. From lions and elephants to antelopes and rhinos, it’s definitely a top spot to visit when in South Africa.

Safari for an avid adventurer

A brilliant expedition for an avid adventurer would be a self-drive rooftop camping trip through the worldly landscape of Namibia. Guests can remain independent and enjoy scenes as they unfold before them yet have enough structure to ensure all the must-see spots are experienced.

red dunes in Sossuvlei - TAP Expeditions Safaris
The white salt pans with dramatic red dunes in Sossuvlei.

There are many awe-inspiring sights to see in the area, including the white salt pans and red dunes of Sossuvlei, which offer one of the most distinct views in Namibia.

Whether you are looking for an ultimate luxury getaway or a budget-friendly trip, there is an African expedition for you. If you need any advice on planning your next adventure, get in touch with the friendly team at TAP Expeditions, who will help you discover the beauty of Africa.

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