There have been a lot of challenges for marketers in recent years. During this time, budgets were slashed, and companies were told to do more with less. As we move away from the pandemic’s shadow, we’re seeing budgets start to recover-and social media spending is following closely. Even the most skeptical executives are becoming more confident that social media is an effective way to increase return on investment (ROI), especially in the Superyacht Industry. With this confidence in 2023, we should see marketers get more strategic even on platforms that seem determined to make that impossible. We explore some current trends in social media marketing and what you can expect to see more of  in 2023. 

M/Y Gladiator Instagram Account - Social Media Marketing Trends For 2023

5 Superyacht Social Media Marketing Trends For 2023

Paid social ads

As marketers spend more on organic social content creation. Facebook has placed organic content at a disadvantage in recent years and this doesn’t look like it’ll be changing in 2023. Due to the lack of organic reach, many businesses will increase their ad spending to combat this problem. As a result, competitors may feel pressured to follow suit in order to take back market share. If you’ve noticed there’s been a decline in engagement in 2022 that may still be the case into the new year. You’d be well served to brush up on your advertising skills or enlist a professional’s assistance to look into running a paid ad to target those captains, engineers and crew.


It’s possible to find out if you’re meeting your objectives and goals through social media metrics. In order to fully understand your social ROI next year, you need to track the right metrics. You should begin by focusing on the few metrics that will help you build your business case and tell the right story. You don’t have to remember to check your reports. Set up automated reports that send you a copy via email every month to make sure you’re keeping up with the important numbers. We understand the yachting industry can be very fast-paced, however, it’s imperative what you’re targeting and pushing on your social media is right for your business.

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Social media platforms

In recent years we have found out just how critical social media is for businesses. However, 2023 will be about being strategic about which ones work for your yachting business and who you’re making content for on each platform. TikTok is a booming platform where people are more interested in being entertained than educated – and that’s something you need to take into consideration when approaching a platform with 43% of its audience being 18-24. You won’t be able to target captains on this platform, but a crew recruitment agency or training school could be a big hit with Gen Z. 

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This is not a new concept and with the rise of influencer marketing in the superyacht industry. It is becoming essential to have user-generated content. In organic marketing, this tool is used to cultivate strong relationships between a brand and its customers, which boosts their sense of trust in the brand.

As networks become decentralised the future of social media will hold power in the hands of the consumer. Therefore it is essential to boost customer engagement in 2023 by designing dedicated UGC campaigns that reward and inspire your clients and customers. With the amazing growth of content creation in the yachting industry in the past years, 2023 will be the time to make the most of the vast amount of yachting content created every day. 

Human approach

In 2023, brands will introduce a more human approach to social media. Two strategies will manifest from this, and the smartest brands will combine both, integrating UGC while rethinking brand content.

As more traditional brands latch onto the potential of communication on social media and look for more authenticity we will see content creation that features content from captains and crew, especially those with a strong following. We expect to see a trend of more brands taking advantage of social media’s more casual environment, which is preferred by users at the moment. By becoming more interactive and responsive, brands will have a more conversational tone and present a more personable face. Rather than the polished appearance we’re used to in the yachting industry, we will see content that reveals more about the company’s inner workings.

A brand’s reputation in the industry can reach new heights when they build deeper connections with its audience and build more authentic relationships.

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