AYSS is a network of highly skilled yacht agents spanning the globe. Dedicated to uniting local suppliers and yacht captains, the Association of Yacht Support Services endeavors to provide seamless journeys for Superyachts and their crew. Since 1991, AYSS has been instrumental in offering incredible opportunities to discover new destinations, sensations, and adventures. This article outlines the incredible services provided by their agents, the benefits of AYSS membership, as well as how to join.

What Can AYSS Agents Help Superyacht Crew With?

With over 70 agents globally, AYSS is ready to help anytime, anywhere. Whatever country you’re in, AYSS is committed to deliver the finest service to owners and guests alike.

Here are just some provided services:

  • Visas
  • Cruising permits
  • Port control requirements
  • Suggest wonderful new sights and places to discover
  • The best culinary delights from the region
  • Day-to-day requirements of Superyachts

The Benefits Of AYSS Membership!

The Obvious Choice

Membership demonstrates your professional excellence. This will result in building and maintaining a constructive, supportive and amiable community of colleagues. 


There is the opportunity to be recognised in a community of professional yacht agents. AYSS board members and agents are present at Superyacht shows internationally, including MYS, Cannes, and other notorious yachting events.

As members, you’ll contribute to a sense of belonging and social connection. Part of a group, bonded through attitudes, values, and goals. 

First-Class Marketing Support

Members will receive social media support alongside collaboration on blog posts under the AYSS brand, published across Superyacht Content.

This is to help members boost their brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue. Most importantly, help drive traffic to your website. If you’re a member, we encourage you to reach out to us so we at Superyacht Content can boost your online presence!

Reliable Information

You will have access to reliable information about other jurisdictions, which in turn will create certainty in the event of a dispute occurring. Extensive knowledge of other jurisdictions will certainly make your life easier – one less thing to worry about!

High-Quality Consultation

You shall be able to spend one free hour’s consultation with AYSS’ valuable and highly renowned associate lawyer, Benjamin Maltby.

Discount Access

Access to discounts from marine suppliers at selected intervals can strengthen your company’s reputation, save time and money, and allow you to offer new business opportunities.

Inerested? Here’s How To Become An AYSS Member

The AYSS is a self-governing body on a mission to transform the unregulated yacht agent industry into a more professional one.

Before applying, check that you have:

  • a minimum of 2 years in business
  • three sets of recommendations from Captains, industry individuals, and fellow AYSS members

Meet The Criteria

After meeting AYSS’s strict vetting standards, an agent can become eligible for membership with AYSS. Joining the AYSS brand enables agents to distinguish themselves within the Superyacht industry by highlighting their professionalism, setting them apart from competitors.

Comply With Code Of Ethics & Conduct

Every member is required to adhere to the AYSS code of ethics & conduct, fostering trust in transactions among Captains, owners, and yacht managers. By joining AYSS, you become part of a supportive community where mutual respect is paramount, creating avenues for members to explore new opportunities together.

Who To Contact

Get in touch with AYSS to find out more about joining the global network.

Introducing Deb Radtke: AYSS Chair

Can you tell me a bit about your background in the maritime industry?

I grew up sailing on Lake Superior, joined the yachting industry in 1995, and worked on private and charter yachts for over 16 years.

What is it about this year that you’re excited for regarding AYSS and your goals? 

I really want to get more participation from members through out the world. And increase the value for members through educational webinars and zooms etc.

Why is 2024 a great year for Superyacht Agencies to become AYSS members? 

The industry is expanding. Vessels are traveling further a field. 

Any belated resolutions for this year, personal or professional? 

Just to keep moving forward, growing and learning. Also, AYSS will be visiting many events through the year – we’re creating that calendar now. Our members all attend events in each of their locales.

Check out the AYSS website here: https://www.ayss.org/

For members listed on the AYSS agents map, click here. 

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