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Ok so this sounds pretty nuts, and it was pretty weird writing it but the more I think about it the more true it becomes!

A bit of background: since the dawn of time there have been two widely understood methods of marketing products and services to customers- Active marketing and Passive marketing. These two schools of thought span all sectors and transcend even specialist ones like the superyacht industry.

First let’s take a look at what both of them involve.


Passive marketing involves reaching a potential customer by championing customer service and ensuring your brand or product is positioned smartly in the marketplace. The best example of this is using Search Engine Optimization for prominent positioning on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and a potential buyer uses the search engine to find a business relevant to their demand. This ‘Passive’ marketing activity was done prior to the customer deciding they needed the product or service- and no special activity was employed to generate the lead. Passive marketing requires a lot of thought and requires marketers to anticipate where customers might be looking for information. It is labour intensive and takes a lot of planning, and you need to employ extremely practical means and methods – and one of the best is posting quality, informative articles on your website.

You may also wish to list your business in industry directories, as this has been known to yield some results.


The clue is in the name: Active marketing requires proactivity! This may mean engaging in networking activities with other businesses in the superyacht sector; or indeed working on building your own network of people who will refer you to their customers. Regarding advertising- you’ve got to be selective in order to get the most out of your efforts in targeting specific demographics. Your marketing should be deliberate and full of purpose; making particularly strong efforts to drive campaigns to maximum exposure. Active marketing should definitely also take the shape of meeting affiliates and potential clients face to face, attending trade shows, and cold calling. Skill and persistence is crucial in order to be a successful Active marketer!


Well, we all know that an active lifestyle leads to a heathy body and mind- and also that occasionally we need to chill a bit and ‘go with the flow’.

Your marketing strategy should mirror this ethos: work hard on your ‘Passive’ marketing strategies so that in the background they are driving traffic and interest in your business whilst you are focussing on other things. A little time and effort spent setting up these channels is well worth it- as you know these will be delivering in the background when you start shifting your attention to big, resource-hungry ‘Active’ campaigns.

At SuperyachtContent we try to plan for our clients what we call an ‘essential blend’; which is a marketing strategy focussed on using techniques which ensure people keep coming back to your website again and again, whilst also proactively reaching out to those potential customers who we know would benefit from seeing your services at carefully selected moments. They may even know who you are already!

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