9 Essential Superyacht Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed

9 Essential Superyacht Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed

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Interesting, fresh content increases engagement in terms of traffic, comments and shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and beyond. Insightful and controversial blog topics, short videos and bold images are sure to reach a wider audience and boost the number of visits to your website and social media pages. Superyacht Marketing is becoming more and more social media focussed, so this should be a priority for your brand.

Think about what will grab your followers’ attention. In general, if you wouldn’t click on it to read more, neither will your followers. So, how can we create and curate highly ‘clickable’ content for our company’s website, blog or social media pages?


Interview regulars at your business and find out how boating has changed in their lifetime or what makes them passionate about sailing.


Ask clients to recommend cruising destinations. Your superyacht marketing campaign will seem more genuine and informed if you are connecting with the people who are already buying and experiencing first-hand what you have to sell.


Invite colleagues and crew to contribute – give boating and boat ownership advice, discuss industry innovations and the utility of boat shows.


Have followers post pictures during their charter or from your company’s event.


Post brief videos from a regatta or the latest event.

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Put together pictures and a brief recap of a competition, race or charity event that your coworkers participated in.


Know a local expert? interview him/her to provide tips for your clients; the topic could be anything useful from knots, to navigation, to recommendations within walking distance from your marina.


Share quick tips, related information on boat maintenance, upcoming events, boating gadgets and gear…

9. Keep it brief

Be sure to keep content brief – less than 600 words – and post regularly, but not more than a two or three times per day. Online tools such as Postfity and Buffer can help you schedule posts on your various social pages to help you save time managing and delivering content.

Every business in the yachting industry wants to be known as an expert. By providing advice, staying up to date on events and innovation and making useful recommendations, you will help your followers and clients to view you as an industry leader and a reliable partner. Plus, regular activity on social media and posts to your company’s website or blog boosts traffic and helps you reach new potential customers.

Hannah Werntz is an American journalist and marketing specialist based in Viareggio, Italy. Read more on her blog.

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