• Mark – Managing Director

    Mark is a seasoned Superyacht industry expert with over 25 years of experience, where he developed to become a Superyacht Captain and after transitioning to land, moved on to yacht management. Mark has a background in marketing and management prior to yachting.

    A serial entrepreneur and big supporter of all things yachting…



  • Lucy – Head Of Marketing

    Lucy is responsible for working with clients to create effective Superyacht marketing strategies for, digital advertising, communications, social media and creative to ultimately, develop a brands presence in the yachting industry.

  • Monica – Operations Manager

    Monica is an ex-superyacht stewardess that is fresh out of the industry. After completing five years as a yacht stew, she has ventured into land-life and taken on a role as Operations Manager for the group.

  • Nisrine – Social Media Manager

    Nisrine is responsible for overseeing a company’s interactions with the their audience by implementing social media platforms’ content strategies. This includes engagement data, social trends, and planning digital campaigns to build a presence in the Superyacht Industry.


  • Darren – Client Relationship Manager

    Darren is focused on building relationships with our clients to ensure that their needs are marketing needs are met, they’re more than satisfied with Superyacht Contents services , and any challenges are overcome.