One of Superyacht Contents marketing services is full social media account management, because building an online community for your brand is the key to success in the Superyacht Industry.

Superyacht Content - Social Media Account Management

Our expert team specialises in supporting companies to grow their digital presence by managing their social channels with a strategic approach, in order to reach Captains, Crew and key-decision makers.

Is your business maximising its potential using Social Media?

Whether you’re managing your social media in-house or out-saucing it to an agency, we have a team of industry professionals who know and understand the audience you want to speak with and the community you are looking to build.

Our Process:

  1. Understanding Your Existing Social Strategy – Our team of social media management experts, specialise in the Superyacht industry. Therefore, they are the perfect people to assess your social strategy, content, creative assets, and paid social performance. This will help us create the best plan to drive your business forward.
  2. Channel Selection & Planning – We will work with you to choose the most effective social media platforms for your business.
  3. Structured Approach – Everything we do comes with a 360 approach to social. Working together, we cut out unnecessary fluff and focus on what delivers results.
  4. In-Depth Reporting – We’ll tie in all of your social media analytics and give you a monthly report that drills into the key numbers & statistics to showcase the growth we’ve driven for you.


With every proposal, we build bespoke packages to suit all budgets. The services we provide can vary depending on the package selected. It all depends on:

  • How many posts and stories you would like per month.
  • Will it include video content?
  • Would you like us to source influencer & content creators (and how many per month)?
  • Would you like us to run your Facebook Ads?

Before our social media management team creates each proposal, we’ll ask you what you’re looking to achieve. This way, our team can factor in the best strategy for you when creating your package.

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