The 36m chase boat ‘Phantom Phi’ has been launched by Turkish shipbuilder Alia Yachts. It is a companion vessel to Royal Huisman’s Phi and is “literally a shadow of the longer beauty queen,” says Cor D. Rover, her exterior stylist, who also designed Phi.

phi chase boat

About The Design

Speaking further on Phantom’s design, Rover says:

“we simply looked at the design DNA that we gave mothership Phi, which consisted of a set of organically curved, sheer lines, contrasting black and blue surfaces, and sharp-edged and curved wing stations. We applied this DNA to Phi Phantom as much as we could, when time permitted. Alia did a fantastic job in sculpting our ideas in aluminium without the forgiving help of filler material!”


The vessel will house many toys and tenders for the owner of Phi and their guests to enjoy whilst voyaging across the world. Amongst the toys and tenders are a 12.3 Spirit tender, jet skis, bikes and the space to accommodate a car. Phantom will also hold extra fuel and additional laundry facilities, which increases Phi’s guest capacity. Three cabins will house three permanent crew members, with an extra cabin for visitors. Additionally, Phantom accommodates a spacious crew mess and galley for the comfort of the crew.

phi chase boat

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