She’s nearing her 20th birthday 

The Maltese Falcon was first commissioned in 2000, and after 6 years of construction, made her debut in 2006. After a refit in 2020, she is looking fresher than ever, ready to take her guests on adventures all over the globe. Considering her age, it is impressive how she still holds her own next to the more modern vessels built in recent years.

She’s a former record holder

At the time of her delivery, the Maltese Falcon held the title of the world’s largest sailing yacht. At 88m in length, her size was incredibly impressive. The superyacht held onto this accolade for 9 years until 2015, when Nobiskrug delivered the 143m Sailing Yacht A, ending the Maltese Falcon’s reign at the top. Nowadays, several sailing yachts are considerably bigger, including Oceanco’s Black Pearl, as well as Y721, which is due to be delivered in 2022.

She’s one of the largest yachts available to charter 

At her sizeable 88m length, the Maltese Falcon is one of the largest sailing yachts available to charter. To enjoy the luxury aboard the vessel, up to 12 guests can expect to pay a whopping $400,000 per week. Facilities onboard include a full-deck masters suite and full-beam VIP suite. Additionally, there is space for an outdoor cinema on the sundeck and an inflatable water slide.

Her owner was a billionaire

The Maltese Falcon’s original owner was Thomas Perkins. Perkins was the owner of one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world. In 2014, Forbes estimated his net worth at an eye-watering $8bn. It was with this fortune that he commissioned the Maltese Falcon back in 2000. Before building the famous sailing yacht, Perkins already had an established relationship with Perini Navi, the shipyard that built the Maltese Falcon. The Italian shipyard had previously delivered the 43m Andromede la Dea in 1987. The vessel (which is now called Paz) was the second yacht ever built by Perini Navi.

She has a cinema onboard 

Amongst the many luxuries found onboard, perhaps the most impressive amenity is a cinema. In mere moments, the lounging space at the bow of her sundeck transforms into a cinema. With comfortable lounge chairs and a projector beaming blockbusters onto her forward sail, Maltese Falcon is enough to satisfy any movie buff.

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