Acquera Club powered by Knightsbridge Circle launches the first travel and lifestyle management service exclusively for yacht owners and charterers.

Stefano Tositti Co-Founder of Acquera Club And Founder Of Acquera Yachting

Acquera Club, powered by Knightsbridge Circle™, an exclusive invitation-only concierge service founded in 2012, is proud to announce the launch of its new travel and lifestyle management service dedicated to the world of luxury boating. 

Acquera Club offers a unique Travel and Lifestyle Management service that caters to a niche clientele of yacht owners and charterers. With cumulative knowledge in both industries, Acquera Club extends the ability to go above and beyond for members’ needs to provide elite service. The club’s dedication to understanding expectations, coupled with its personalised approach, ensures that members receive a tailored experience at any time, at any notice. 

What sets Acquera Club apart is their exclusive membership, which is carefully selected from the upper echelons of the boating world. Acquera Club maximises its efficiency by epitomising a curated experience with a personal manager attending to each member’s exigencies. 

“At Acquera Club, we aim to take out the mundane parts of life to bring forth the excitement and luxury that allows our members the ability to float through life contented”-  said Stuart McNeill, co-founder of Acquera Club and founder of Knightsbridge Circle™

“Our partnerships with some of the most renowned brands in various  industries allow us to facilitate the seemingly impossible while always aiming to keep our clients’ preferences  at heart.” 

Stuart McNeill, Co-Founder Of Acquera Club And Founder of Knightsbridge Circle
Stuart McNeill, Co-Founder Of Acquera Club And Founder of Knightsbridge Circle

Members of Acquera Club are personally selected for their zest for travel and lure for the finer things in life. The club’s leaders, Stuart McNeill and Stefano Tositti, each with over 20 years of experience in their respective fields, saw a gap in the hospitality industry for people who love to travel and also love boating, with a shared goal to provide luxury travel arrangements, experiences, and other more specific requests to their unique member base. 

“Our drive allows us to work each day to bring forth an exciting and innovative service catering to expectations we intend to exceed,” said Stefano Tositti, co-founder of Acquera Club and renowned veteran in the yachting and chartering world at Acquera Yachting. 

Acquera Club invites interested individuals to apply for membership, which is deliberately and meticulously selected within the realms of the yachting and chartering world. With innovation, perseverance, passion, and vigour at the forefront, Acquera Club promises to deliver unparalleled experiences that exceed expectations. 

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