Much like the rest of the modern world, the Yachting Industry continues to find new ways of embracing digitalisation and the advancement of certain technologies onboard shows no sign of slowing down. In recent years, there have been major advances in onboard technology, from maintenance software to fully digitalised bridge operation systems. Up until recently however, the process of entering ports, creating itineraries and dealing with other forms of bureaucracy when cruising still required a hefty amount of paperwork. Enter Acquera Yachting, who have officially launched the desktop version of their digital platform, AcqueraPro, after almost a year and a half in the making.

Itinerary platform on Acquera Pro
The comprehensive Itinerary planning feature on the AcqueraPro app

Operating in 11 countries in the Med, the platform has been designed to streamline the experience of cruising from location to location during busy seasons. It takes seconds to find all the information, tariffs, regulations, and port rules on the app, something that previously took up a lot of time. Not only are Captains informed of all formalities when entering each port, all of the required documents are in one convenient place. Furthermore, as the app provides data and figures based on the boat’s size, all information is specific to the boat.

In the App’s comprehensive ‘Discover Leisure‘ platform, you can learn about recreational opportunities in each location, including Events, Experiences and Restaurants, as well as easily creating an itinerary which can be shared with guests. Whilst Acquera have harnessed the functionality of digitalisation onboard, the creators are insistent that the app is not intended to replace the agents on the ground, but rather to work in tandem to deliver the best experience possible for guests and crew.

Watch the video below to discover the impressive desktop version of AcqueraPro.

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