The 18th edition of the World Superyacht Awards took place in Istanbul, Turkey on May 20th. The annual ceremony recognises and celebrates the world’s most notable and impressive Superyachts. There were numerous awards handed out, but one of the most spectacular vessels was certainly Marala – which won the category for Rebuilt Yachts.

Find out more about the vessel, her rich heritage, and the amazing makeover she received for a 21st-century lifestyle!

Marala Superyacht
Photo credited to: Pendennis Shipyard

The History

Camper and Nicholsons built Marala in 1931.

Since then, her layout, original engines, and character have all remained. However, her superstructure and interior have been modified throughout her life, particularly when she was converted for a stint in the navy during World War II. Many guests (including Amelia Earhart, Salvador Dali, Frank Sinatra, and international royalty) have stepped onboard too.

That’s not the only transformation the vessel has gone through. Originally Evadne, she was then renamed Zapala, and before she became Marala, she was Gaviota IV.

“The goal was to respect Marala’s heritage whilst granting a new spirit”

21st Century Update

The goal was to respect Marala’s heritage whilst granting a new spirit.

When she entered the market in 2016, it was the first time in over half a century. It became her new owner’s goal to restore her to glory. It was important to preserve her heritage and original design, so those involved approached any engineering updates cautiously.

The yacht was brought to Pendennis for her restoration to determine her legacy for years to come.

Marala Superyacht
Photo credited to: Ocean Independence

Design & Inspiration

Marala’s interior shows reverence for historical authenticity and innovation.

  • The inspiration stemmed from the original Nicholson details
  • The joinery includes Elegant soft pillowed deco edges. En-suites have an anthracite and white palette, and the offset with chrome fittings implement a strong deco feel
  • On the cinema deck, there is a jacuzzi with a copper basin to suit the antique aesthetic
  • The ‘Evadne’ Cabin pays homage to the ship’s military days. It is decorated with blue, purple, white and graphic print upholstery. Also, the ‘Gaviota’ Cabin’s pleated walls imitate a seagull’s quills. This hints to Marala’s time as La Gaviota IV

The restoration effort preserved some of Marala’s original materials, such as the solid timber flooring and carved handrails. Original brass hardware was also repurposed for the handles of a sideboard in the dining area.

The Stats

  • Top speed: 13.0 kn
  • Cruising speed: 11.0 kn
  • 247-foot (75.2-metre)
  • Maximum cruising range: 4500.0 nm at 13.0 kn
  • Can accommodate up to 12 guests (and 19 crew members)
  • Gross tonnage of 499.0 GT and a 8.08 m beam
Marala Superyacht
Photo credited to: BOAT International

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