The history of superyacht destinations and how they happened. Well, Back in the 90’s the Superyacht industry was very much focused on the Central Mediterranean. Then someone mentioned there might be alternative destinations to take your yacht. “But where?” everyone asked.

“How about The Baltic?”

Not a bad idea, and so in the mid to late ’90s, a few yachts started to visit and liked what they saw. But, it wasn’t until 10 or 12 years later that the rest of the industry followed. Now lots of yachts spend time in the Baltic each year.

Croatia and Montenegro

Again, these two stunning destinations became very popular in the ’00s, with lots more yachts following into the 2010s right up to the present day.

So, where next?

We think you can guess where this is heading! In 2012 the UK and, more specifically, London became the destination of choice for a decent number (by UK standards) of Superyachts. Why? London hosted the Olympics that year, and a small number of UK Superyacht companies did their best to boost the numbers by marketing the UK hard. It worked, and in the summer of 2012, London saw more Superyachts than ever before.

Follow the trend

So, if we follow the trend, this means that the UK as a Superyacht destination is set to boom ten years later, correct? That would mean that 2022 will be the year for UK Superyachts, right?

This winter

Over this winter, we are running a “Best of British” series based on the UK as a Superyacht destination. We will look at ports, cities, services and lots of other things that attract Superyachts, such as;

  • Alternative Destinations. London, the South Coast, Cornwall, The Scilly Isles, Scotland and much more
  • Activities. Everything from sport and theatre to restaurants, royalty, shopping and events.
  • The people. We don’t just mean the British in general but, more importantly, the Superyacht companies based here. The people who will look after you. You might be surprised by how many there are!
  • Services. It’s not just the people who are based here but the diversity of what the UK and its Superyacht community offer.

Mark our words, the UK will become the next big destination for Superyachts. There has been very steady growth since 2012, and this year has seen more yachts than ever before in the UK.

Don’t get left behind!

Don’t wait until your owners ask you why the yacht isn’t going to the UK for 2022. Get ahead of the trend and start to make your plans for next year. Much more info to come as our series kicks off in the next week.

For information on bringing your yacht to the UK visit MGMT Yacht Agents. For more Superyacht news in the meantime, please click here.

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