Following news of Njord by Bergman Design House designing Benetti Galaxy’s intergalactic refit, we wanted to find out more about the design house. We chatted to Sarah Colbon, Co-Founder of Njord by Bergman Design House, who has over a decade of experience within the luxury superyacht industry, to discuss Benetti Galaxy and what the future holds for Njord.

Founders of Njord by Bergman Design House | Superyacht Content
The team at Njord by Bergman Design House

You timed the refit so the client could enjoy their yacht whilst Njord worked on the interior. Can you elaborate on how you structured the phases of the refit to allow this?

During Covid, we met the owners via Zoom. Like everyone else working through those unpredictable times, we found ourselves planning a refit and presenting our interior design ideas using this platform. Within just two months of buying their first superyacht, we were hired to develop a new Galaxy. We didn’t want to pressure them to hand over their new yacht and home to use for a long period, so we worked with them and their schedules to make it happen as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We broke it down into phases. Just after the owners purchased Galaxy, we presented our concept to them – this was Phase One. We updated the artwork, rugs, and upholstery in the main guest areas and master suite. For a couple of months whilst they enjoyed their new start onboard Galaxy, we were creating the full interior concept and development for the interior refit and exterior styling which we did behind the scenes. We presented the second phase to them onboard Galaxy after a couple of months. They fell in love. That September of 2021 Galaxy entered Monaco Marine and within just 5 months the yacht left to meet the owners in Miami for the grand reveal. They had not seen anything since we presented the re-design… it was an emotional and huge celebration.

Superyacht Galaxy Refit - Exterior

Superyacht refits aren’t a quick job, but Njord by Bergman design house wanted to complete Galaxy within a short period of 5 months. Why was this, and how did you manage to complete the project on time?

Being able to execute with the highest quality of refit, collaboration, and a very tight team was key. The owners’ representative, ourselves, the captain, and crew alongside the shipyard worked super closely together, we were all hands on deck literally, we worked and helped each other daily to make the timeframe work. The owners, as their first yacht and their actual home, we had to all come together and agreed on the fastest time possible at Monaco Marine, in which this could all be completed and for her to cruise across the Atlantic was just 5 months. This as the shipyard told us had never been done before. We make sure our clients’ needs always come first, and we achieve that with the whole team’s dedication.

Njord by bergman design house - Superyacht Galaxy Refit
Insdie the lobby of Superyacht Galaxy

Can you explain the concept of Galaxy’s 2022 refit? Also, what are your favourite features?

Galaxy’s concept came from our clients’ love of life, entertainment, and creativity. The love of out-of-world experiences and the Burning Man community. Galaxy was to become their very own spaceship. A platform that could be multifunctional, a place to celebrate life and become a permanent home for them. The first-ever private members’ club theme and festival space. Galaxy, whilst keeping this universe theme, took every step of how they lived their lives and made each space onboard a place of moving senses and magical and cosmic energy.

Personally, my favourite feature is the ‘wow’ experience of the main salon that turns into a private nightclub. During the day, it serves as a place for meditation space and a lounge to gather friends and watch movies. It’s a very special place, one I’ve never experienced on a yacht before now. The art piece by Joseph Klibansky of “The Thinker” is the main inspiration for this space. Dylan Cole, whose work features in Disney blockbusters such as Avatar designed the incredible wall covering. It is the first time he has ever worked on a yacht. With everything in the space created like a piece of art, it’s truly an out-of-world experience; it’s a gallery within itself.

Njord by bergman design house - M/Y Galaxys main saloon

What’s next for Njord by Bergman Design House?

We are blessed to currently be working with some very exciting projects and wonderful clients.  As well as collaborating with some true innovators of the yachting industry! Additionally, we are designing some very special masterpieces, in refit and new build and conversions which is also very inspiring. We hope to wow you all very soon with some really impressive designs on the water and truly impressive owners and teams who we are very excited to be working with.

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