Ankor, the Australian software startup founded in 2021, is adding to their range of digital offerings with ‘Calendars’. This new tool aims to empower charter professionals globally, increase exposure for charter fleets, and make yachts more accessible than ever. Read on to find out more!


What Is ‘Calendars’?

‘Calendars’ is poised to become the preferred choice for retail charter brokers and central agents worldwide, streamlining the traditionally intricate booking process and communication exchanges. With over 200 Superyachts already listed on the platform by central agents, the Ankor team anticipates a significant surge in numbers in the coming months.

Serial entrepreneurs Mike Sager and Elliot Cousins are leading the charge in digitising the yachting industry. Despite its recent 2021 launch, the duo has built on the success of their existing products, ‘Itineraries’ and ‘YachtNoter’. Now, the Ankor team shifted focus to a more ambitious challenge. They developed ‘Calendars’ as an all-encompassing digital solution. 

Central agents, responsible for securing charter bookings for yacht owners, aim to showcase their charter fleet to a broad network of retail brokers. In turn, retail brokers seek reliable data, accurate availability, and a global fleet of charter yachts to present the best selection to their clients. ‘Calendars’ addresses these needs, providing a comprehensive solution.

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One Platform To Connect The Global Charter Community

‘Calendars,’ has gained traction, with over 75 central agents adopting it in the four weeks leading up to its official launch. True to Ankor’s commitment to accessibility and user-friendliness, the platform is priced considerately, making it accessible for every verified broker globally. The platform is fully compatible with both mobile and desktop use.

This tool empowers retail brokers to streamline the booking process, providing real-time availability and contact information for every yacht on the platform. Additionally, ‘Calendars’ enables central agents to expand their global presence, reaching retail brokers who may not have otherwise discovered their yachts. All information on the platform, including:

  • charter prices
  • brochures
  • crew profiles
  • media assets
  • yacht amenities

is maintained and entered by the central agents themselves. A vetting process also ensures the legitimacy of all retail brokers and central agents before they enter the platform. This safeguards its integrity and the quality of user interactions.

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