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AYSS Members - Global network of Superyacht Agents

AYSS is an association of highly qualified yacht agents around the globe. The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) aims to bring together local suppliers and yacht captains while assisting with the smoothest passage for Superyachts. Since 1991 AYSS has helped provide an unparalleled gateway for vessels to new sights, sounds, and experiences.

By joining AYSS, yacht agencies gain an advantage over unregulated yacht agents. The vetting process that agencies undergo to become members of AYSS will make captains, owners, and yacht managers more confident in choosing an AYSS agent. It is not only a great community to be part of, but its members also share multiple benefits. Read on to find out more.

How Do You Become An AYSS Member?

The AYSS is a self-governing body to transform the unregulated yacht agent industry into a more professional one. They have a strict policy for all potential yacht agent members, where they have to have a critical examination before being accepted. Before applying to become an AYSS member, any yacht agent must have a minimum of 2 years in business and three sets of recommendations from Captains, industry individuals, and fellow AYSS members.

Once an agent meets AYSS’s strict vetting criteria, they will be eligible to become an AYSS member. The AYSS brand allows agents to differentiate themselves from the competition within the Superyacht industry by showcasing their professionalism.

All members must comply with the AYSS code of ethics and conduct to create a trusting transaction between Captains, owners, and yacht managers. When you become an AYSS member, you become a part of a family where everyone is treated with respect and opens up new opportunities for one another to explore.

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What Does It Mean To Become An AYSS Member?

  • Members of the AYSS global network of Superyacht agents are recognised for the highest level of professional standards in the yachting industry.
  • As an AYSS member, you’re encouraged to strive to work in fairness to all clients, their employees, sub-contractors, and fellow agents listed with us.
  • All agencies are devoted to a high level of professional integrity and courtesy.
  • Joining the AYSS family reflects that your company strives to achieve a cooperative and positive work environment.
  • Members are encouraged to work with other members and show respect to the stakeholders in achieving the purpose of the organisation.

So, What Does Signing Up To Become An AYSS Member Entail?

If you want to avoid the pressure of entering countries and ports, then AYSS can help support you through your travels by taking you under their wing. No matter where you are, AYSS will ensure that support is in place at each destination. The global network has 60+ agents strategically placed around the world. Each agent is on call to assist vessels and crew in helping them to take advantage of everything each country offers. But more importantly, to ensure that owners and guests receive the best service possible!

AYSS agents will assist you with the following:

  • Visas
  • Cruising permits
  • Port control requirements
  • Suggest wonderful new sights and places to discover
  • The best culinary delights from the region
  • Day-to-day requirements of Superyachts
  • And more – see individual members pages listed on the AYSS website, here. 

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AYSS membership benefits - The AYSS Agent handbook

The Benefits Of Being A Member With AYSS Include:

  • Make yourself the obvious choice for customers by demonstrating your professional excellence. This will result in building and maintaining a constructive, supportive and peaceful community of colleagues. As well as being part of a global community that you can utilise to help support you.
  • The opportunity to recognised in a community of professional yacht agents. AYSS board members and agencies are present at Superyacht shows internationally, including MYS, Cannes, and other notorious yachting events. Thus, members can contribute to a sense of belonging and social connection. They’re a part of a community, bonded through attitudes, values, and goals. All of which is essential to growth in the yachting sector.
  • Members will receive social media support alongside a series of blog posts under the AYSS brand, published across Superyacht Content. This is to help the members boost their brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue. Most importantly, help drive traffic to your website.
  • Access to reliable information about other jurisdictions, which in turn will create certainty in the event of a dispute occurring. Consequently, having extensive knowledge of other jurisdictions will make your life easier. It will be one less thing to worry about.
  • One free hours consultation with AYSS’s valuable and highly renowned associate lawyer, Benjamin Maltby.
  • Access to discounts from marine suppliers at selected intervals. As a result, this means it can strengthen your company’s reputation, save time and money, and allow you to offer new business opportunities.

Discover New Experiences

If you want to be linked from destination to destination, AYSS members will always have a professional, friendly face to help guide you. Because AYSS agents are knowledgeable about their own countries, they can provide detailed information on bespoke experiences for visitors, in addition to information about cruising and port information.

Is your yacht agency interested in qualifying for their AYSS membership? Get in touch with AYSS to learn more, and become part of their global network of Superyacht agents.

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