Bluewater is delighted to present the 2024 Superyacht Chef Competition, in partnership with Yacht Club de Monaco and La Belle Classe Academy.

This is the 14th event for Bluewater and the 5th co-hosted with the talented team at Monaco Yacht Club. This event is unique in that it brings together yacht owners and yacht club members with their captains and crew, all cheering on their chefs!

The Rounds

The tension is palpable. The first three chefs are called for round 1, the mystery boxes are unveiled, the audience is given 60 seconds to choose an ingredient to add in, Michelin starred Chef Glenn Viel is watching over their shoulder, gastronomic TV and radio presenter Vincent Ferniot is holding court getting ready to start the countdown of 40 minutes, the chefs are in the pantry perusing a wide range of luxury produce and exotic condiments from Metro and Gourmet Deliveries, all to add to the spectacular recipe they’re working through in their heads…

Then we do it all again for two more rounds, with more mystery boxes, before heading into the grand finale after lunch.

2018: When It All Began

In 2018, Bulewater organised their first event with Monaco Yacht Club, which was chaired by H.S.H. Prince Albert II in the final round. It was a remarkable event! 

This year, we have Chef Glenn VIEL, a three-star chef at the Oustau de Baumière and a member of the Top Chef jury, joining us. Chef Joël Garault, the president of Goûts et Saveurs, will supervise the proceedings, and we will have Chef Marco Tognon, the 2023 winner, on the panel. 

Additionally, Chef Duncan Biggs from Ocean Wave Monaco will oversee the produce being used and discarded as our ‘anti-gaspillage’ judge.

You can check out the full jury line-up here. 

Bluewater’s Director and co-founder, Peter Bennett, commented:

‘This event grows year on year along with the prestige which comes with it for those who compete and go on to win. Chef Marco Tognon is an exceptional chef and we’re pleased to be welcoming him back as a jury member this year. As part of his prize for being crowned the 2023 Superyacht Chef Competition winner, he created a signature dish for the Monaco Yacht Club members at a special dinner on 14th March, working with the talented Yacht Club chefs. It was a fantastic evening and we’re proud to have Marco on our ONE Account fleet with MY PLANET NINE’.

Bluewater’s Director of Training, John Wyborn, expressed his enthusiasm for the annual chef competition:

‘This event is a thrilling experience for everyone involved, with Michelin-star judges overseeing the competition among talented yacht chefs. Bluewater has been in the industry for 33 years, and this competition highlights the great strides the industry has made since then, with exceptionally high standards expected from all crew members onboard. Bluewater takes pride in collaborating with the Monaco Yacht Club and La Belle Classe Academy to organize the 5th Superyacht Chef Competition’. 

The Agenda

  • 09.50-13.40: Three rounds, each with three chefs.
  • 13.40-14.30: Jury deliberation and lunch break. Food trucks will be available.
  • 14.00-17.00: The Bluewater and GDT bar serving complimentary drinks.
  • 14.30: Announce the three finalists! Straight into the grand finale.
  • 16.45-18:00: Announce the winner. Unmissable prize-giving ceremony. 

2024 Participants & Sponsors 

If you would like further details on the event and the list of the chefs competing, please click here. 

Our head of recruitment, Sharon Rose, has confirmed the 9 participants this year with our friends at Monaco Yacht Club, but is remaining tight-lipped with any comments on front contenders! ‘The talent this year is exceptional, it’s going to be a tough one for the judges, and I can’t wait to see Marco Tognon sitting on the panel! It will be a fantastic day.

If you would like to attend, pre-registration is essential to gain access.

The 2023 Trailer

Just a taste of what to expect!

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