Superyachts aren’t just floating party palaces or flash romantic getaways, they are also family friendly havens and with the right yacht and location, cruising is ideal for a family vacation.

There are a few things to factor in when choosing the best cruising destination. Seasonality is important, you don’t want your kids to be shivering on the deck because you’ve peaked too early for the Mediterranean water temperature or having to bundle them into the shade because the heat of the southern Caribbean is too intense. The next thing to think about is the weather patterns. Sticking to places with stable patterns, trade winds and calm currents makes it a whole lot easier for a family trip. Easy cruising is the key to young family trips, destinations with short hops in between islands, sheltered bays, anchorages and marinas for calm environments. Finally, the best places will allow you to answer the endless “What are we doing today?” “then what?” “Can we do this instead?” “But I want to go there?”, keeping the kids entertained whilst the parents relax is a fine balance.

1. Greece

family cruising
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The Greeks famously love children, with their warm, friendly and welcoming hospitality it’s an ideal country to cruise around. There are plenty of options here dependent upon the weather and makes for an easy and fun week island hopping. The southern Ionian islands, in particular, are known for their light winds, short hops and calm seas.

2. The Exumas

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With young families sometimes its hard to relax if you are in the hustle and bustle of busy cruising destinations, head to the Exumas to truly get away from it all. The sheltered bays and plentiful safe swimming spots make it a great place for a young family. And then there is great snorkelling, swimming pigs and picnics on long white sandy beaches will keep all entertained. What’s not to love?!

3. British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands
Image credit: Guido Amrein

The laid-back atmosphere in the BVI’s is great for young families and the balmy climate and warm waters here are perfect. The steady trade winds and calm currents make the short hops between anchorages easy and once the anchor is dropped there is plenty to do on the water and off.

4. Croatia

Dalmatian Islands
Image credit: Xenia Chowaniec

For reliable and easy sailing conditions head to the Dalmatian Islands. There are plenty of peaceful bays and anchorages when cruising around here. Off the boat, there are great beaches, cave exploration and ancient towns for families to explore.

5. The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands
Image credit: Sunsinger

Cruising around these magical islands is a great experience for everyone, especially those with young children. They will be in awe of all the incredible wildlife and great snorkelling. There is plenty to do and the national park guides are particularly good with getting children involved in the learning process.

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