For Yacht Charter Brokers, there is never a dull moment. Once the Mediterranean yachting season concludes for another year, the Antigua Charter Yacht Show quickly comes around and signifies the start of the Caribbean season. Given the transient nature of the yachting industry, it is easy to lose the personal touch that discerns a bespoke service from the generic. We spoke to Rosanna Arcamone, Yacht Charter Broker and Director of Silver Star Yachting, to find out more about her affinity with yachting and how she assists her clients with their yacht charter experiences.

1) How did you get into charter broking?

I worked for eight years as a Chief Stewardess on superyachts in the Mediterranean. After that, I wanted to remain in the yachting industry but in a shore-based role, as I wanted to have a family. The option that appealed most was to become a Yacht Charter Broker. I was already in an advantageous position, as I knew many things about yachts, crew, and itineraries.

2) What was your first experience of yachting?

My first experience of yachting came when I was working as a Chief Stewardess but my first experience of the charter industry was in the Amalfi Coast, where I lived on a 24m yacht.

3) What do you enjoy most about being a yacht charter broker?

I most enjoy getting to know a lot of clients and developing a trusting relationship with all of them. Also, I enjoy getting to know a lot of yachts and crew, and destinations as well. My husband – Nicola, who is also co-owner of the company – and I try to get to know as many yachts in person as we can. We also like to discover new itineraries before proposing them to clients.

4) Which is your favourite yacht and why?

The Palmer & Johnson M/Y KHALILAH. She is the perfect synthesis of modern design, luxury, technology, and comfort. She is simply a stunning yacht and she’s also built by one of the best shipyards worldwide.

5) Where is your favourite yacht charter destination?

My favourite yachting destinations are the Amalfi Coast, Ischia, and Capri. Not only because I live on Ischia Island but also because there are a lot of things to see and to do there. There are different coastal terrains in the space of just a few miles. There is also lots of culture, history, traditions, nightlife, and excellent food – all of which I love!

TAKARA is just one of many yachts available for charter with Silver Star Yachting

6) How have you seen the charter industry change over the years?

The charter industry is growing year by year. Some yacht owners are becoming charterers and many new clients are moving from vacations in luxury hotels to luxury yachts. There is also a lot more competition but we try to do our work as best we can and make the difference.

7) What are some of the emerging trends?

Many things are growing and changing in the market: some experienced brokers are buying yachts to charter to clients; the beach club is becoming one of the most important areas of the yacht; the quality of the food is becoming more and more important every year; cruising with all the family is now very common and so child-friendly boats are growing in popularity – child-friendly with regards to spaces, water toys, and friendliness of the crew.

8) How do you ensure your charter services are as personalised as possible?

My husband and I guide each client from the first enquiry to the end of the charter and are always in contact with the charterer and the captain/crew. We ensure that everything is correctly booked and organised and we also suggest the itinerary and the best spots to visit during the charter. We pre-select the yachts we offer to the clients because we already know, in many cases, what they are looking for and which are the most important factors for them.

9) Which personality traits are most important for yacht charter brokers?

It is important to be serious, meticulous, and honest. It is also essential to know the market (yachts and crews), and to know the regulations in each country where charters are offered.

10) How do you see the industry changing in the future?

There will be more and more charterers. The east market is growing quickly. There will be more charterers in Europe and America (North and south), so there will be a lot of work. Yacht Charter Brokers have to focus on the quality and not the quantity of charters. This is a very personalised job and clients must trust the brokers. Quality standards will grow a lot.

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