Many would assume that the purchasing price of a superyacht is the most costly aspect of being an owner. But the reality is that the costs of owning a superyacht stretch much further than the initial capital outlay. The costs of maintaining a superyacht can run into six or even seven figures and include everything from operational costs and crew salaries, to VAT and insurance. As most owners only use their superyachts for a selected period per year, many turn to charter as a way to help cover the costs while still having the freedom still to cruise whenever they chose.

Superyacht charter through TWW
Yacht charter and yacht charter marketing can be a tricky field to navigate, which is why it’s vital to have the correct yacht management in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. An experienced yacht management team will take the time to get to know your superyacht inside and out, understand the owner’s aims and objectives, so everyone is assured of the utmost experience when it comes to yacht chartering.

As each superyacht available for charter is unique, the T.W.W. charter yacht team conducts extensive research beforehand to provide accurate charter pricing. Through yacht charter marketing, T.W.W. can safely and securely promote each superyacht for charter to the most discerning and interested parties. By carefully matching each yacht charterer to the right yacht, everyone’s needs will be met and surpassed. The T.W.W. yacht charter team will also work closely with Captains to plan the most manageable and cost-efficient itineraries while collaborating with the crew to make sure the owner’s asset is well looked after.

Take a look at the annual running costs for a 45m yacht:

Costs associated with the vessel (insurance, maintenance, etc)                             340,000
Costs associated with the crew (salaries, travel, recruitment, insurance, etc)          520,000
Costs associated with the port (berthing, electricity, agents, etc)                           300,000
Costs associated with commercial survey and fiscal representation                         50,000
The annual total quickly becomes in excess of 1,000,000!

By working together with T.W.W., one can rest assured that their superyacht will be booked for charter as much – or as little – as they chose, thereby guaranteeing the ideal balance between the owner’s use, charters and maintenance costs.

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