Where did the Superyachts go in 2021?

The UK, by the looks of things. Since the Olympics in 2012, the UK has seen a steady increase in Superyacht visitors. Strangely, COVID mixed with BREXIT has accelerated this further. “Destination UK is now a thing,” says Brendan Thomson, CEO of Superyacht agency MGMT. He explains why:

“Lots of, in fact, most UK business owners are not big fans of BREXIT because of the problems this has caused anyone who is involved in import and export. A lot of our friends, partners and clients have found this an absolute nightmare and rightly so because it is one. However, there are benefits. You just have to find them and be lucky enough to be able to offer them to your clients.”

“Superyachts can now clear out of the EU by coming to the UK. This is a huge plus for yachts coming out of Northern European shipyards. They no longer have to go to Norway to do this, which saves time and money. They can provision and fuel in the UK with us.” Says Thomson.

“The UK also now has some very busy shipyards as a result of BREXIT. We produce some great products and offer some excellent services here in the UK. We are doing our best to showcase these and attract more and more Superyachts here to make use of them.”

Destination UK

According to MGMT, the UK is becoming more and more popular as a Superyacht cruising destination, and rightly so.

“We have stunning ports, beaches, towns, and cities,” Says Mark Upton, founder of MGMT.

“The diversity of the UK from London, along the south coast to Dartmouth and into Cornwall, over to the Scilly Isles and up to Scotland is amazing. Yacht owners and their guests love the fact that in a relatively small country they have it all. The best restaurants, a summer full of sporting events, theatre, shopping, beautiful scenery, history, heritage and wildlife.

Add to that the relatively low cost and the fact you will rarely see another yacht the UK has a lot going for it. We have had a much busier year than expected and it looks like our season is going to continue through the winter with a few yachts wintering here in London.”

And, the future?

“Who knows what next year will bring. If COVID has taught us anything, it is to be adaptable. But, hopefully, the number of visitors we have seen this year is a sign of things to come,” says Upton.

“We are working hard to put together a group of like-minded people. They represent ports, suppliers, service companies, as well as all the suppliers we work with. We will promote the UK as a destination for Superyachts and ensure all visiting yachts and their owners/ guests have the best possible experience.”

This sounds familiar?

“Yes, I know but we are different. There are no joining fees, this is simply a group of businesses and business owners working together for the greater good, watch this space!”

And on that note, we definitely will. We love a good news story, and it is great to hear there is light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Are you stuck for a destination for next summer (or even this winter!)? Not anymore. Destination UK could well be the next big thing.

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