Dynamiq says the 49.5m GTT-160 represents everything “essential for modern superyachts: cool looking, efficient and focused on a healthy lifestyle”. Targeted at owners who want to spend most of their time on deck and close to the water, the all-aluminium vessel has Van Ossannen and Claudio Pironi on its design team, working on the exterior and interior, respectively.

Mixing the old with the new for the GTT-160

The stunning interior designed by Claudio Pironi is a collision of timeless design sensibilities and modern technologies. Marble and wood help achieve a classic aesthetic reminiscent of the early-mid 20th century, whilst modern manufacturing allows the use of these materials in new, innovative ways. For example, the large marble slabs can be cut to a thickness of 2mm. This thinness makes installing large pieces possible where it hasn’t in the past as they are so lightweight.

One of six luxurious cabins. Credit: Dynamiq

Fluidity was one of Pironi’s primary design goals for the Dynamiq GTT-160. He states fluidity is what “represents the main difference between spaces of the past and spaces of the future”. Although aesthetic inspiration has come from bygone eras, the way the interior flows openly between different spaces speaks to a more modern design sensibility. A uniform colour palette and recurring wood and marble accents help create an uninterrupted interior, where all the spaces flow seamlessly with one another.

Dynamiq GT-160 Kitchen
The galley is fitted with brushed oak wood panels and marble countertops. Credit: Dynamiq
Dynamiq GTT-160 Living Space
The seamless open plan living space on board. Credit: Dynamiq

A Dynamiq approach

Founded in Monaco in 2014 by Sergei Dobroserdov, Dynamiq is on a mission to revolutionise the superyacht buying and building process. Firstly, Dobroserdov began by assembling a ‘dream team’ made up of naval architects, engineers and world thinkers to help realise his vision: providing easy ordering and customisation of versatile yachts, perfect for any occasion. Dynamiq is the first superyacht company to include an online configurator on its website. This first of its kind tool allows quick and easy customisation of yachts down to the last detail. It is a valuable tool that streamlines the shopping process for buyers and is an example of the company’s modern mindset.


Length: 49.5 metres
Beam: 8.7 metres
Draught: 2 metres
Material: Full aluminium
Tonnage: 399 gross tons
Speed: 17/21 knots
Range: 4000 nm at 10 knots
Guests: 12 in 6 cabins
Crew: 8 in 4 cabins

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