Electric Yachts: Are they the future?

With an ever-increasing demand for sustainable solutions in the superyacht industry, hybrid propulsion systems are becoming a standard for shipbuilders when designing new builds. However, how much further can this go? Are there any completely electric vessels? Is it even possible? We are taking a look at the electric yachts that are driving innovation in the superyacht industry.

Silent Yachts – Silent 80

Silent 80. Photo: Silent Yachts

Silent Yachts is one of the most prolific companies striving to deliver environmentally conscious vessels that do not sacrifice any luxury. The Silent 80, their flagship model represents everything they are trying to achieve as a company. With the 24m yacht contributing zero emissions whilst providing guests with peaceful noiseless cruising, the appeal of a guilt-free cruising experience is certainly easy to see. The slick design of the Silent 80 inspires visions of the future and what electric yachts could look like in the coming years.

Alva Yachts – Ocean Eco 90

A fully electric yacht, or a hybrid-diesel propulsion?
Ocean Eco 90. Photo: Alva Yachts

Alva Yachts offer a wide range of eco-friendly yachts from the 15m eco-cruise 50 to their flagship model, Ocean Eco 90 which measures 27.5m in length. The Eco 90 is available as either fully-electric or hybrid-diesel propulsion. The cruising speed of the vessel is 8-10 knots, whilst the top speed pushes 16 knots. The vessel is designed to recharge quickly, to ensure owners can spend less time at standstill, and more time exploring. Alongside this, an exterior made to withstand all weather conditions makes the Ocean Eco 90 even more desirable for far-out excursions.

Tesla Electric Yacht – Model Y

Tesla - The Fully Electric Yacht Concept
Model Y. Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s Model Y superyacht has been a topic of conversation ever since the concept was unveiled in November 2017. The fully-electric yacht is sleek, with a long tip that makes the vessel aerodynamic and stylish. Whilst the potential build date of the 40m boat is unknown, when it arrives it is sure to hugely impact the superyacht world.

Project L – Thierry Gaugain

Project L
Project L. Photo: Thierry Gaugain

Thierry Gaugain’s impressive superyacht concept Project L was recently listed for sale, so it’s a matter of time before the spectacular vessel is snapped up. The 120m superyacht features a hybrid-propulsion system, alongside boasting a handful of other energy conservation features. The inclusion of a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system with azimuthing thrusters fore and aft helps achieve fewer emissions. The superyacht also has a high-capacity waste management system to support her autonomy. In addition, she will glide through the water silently. This is due to her low drag and seamless lines, which ensure low noise and vibration.

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