Elite Yacht Covers (EYC) a leading name in Superyacht covers, is set to revolutionise the marine sector with its latest innovation. With over 50-plus years’ combined design experience, culminating in over 40 projects including the design and manufacture of awnings and covers for some of the world’s most iconic Superyachts, the company has introduced a cutting-edge solution that goes beyond mere yacht covers.

At the heart of this groundbreaking development is Elite Yacht Covers’ pioneering digital catalogue. The digital catalogue allows superyacht owners to connect seamlessly with the company and order bespoke yacht covers, awnings, or canopies manufactured precisely to their vessel’s specifications. This creates frictionless orders by offering the highest level of support for their products; a time-saving benefit that’s appealing for yachts cruising on global itineraries. Read on to find out more.

Unveiling the Essence of Luxury Yacht Covers

Headquartered an hour from London in the UK, and with good transport links to the major maritime hubs of Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, EYC realises that a yacht is not merely a vessel; it’s a focal point of luxury that demands the utmost care and attention. 

According to Paul Gray, Elite Yacht Covers’ Sales Director, yacht covers are about more than aesthetics.

“Yacht awnings and covers are essential for protecting guests and crew from the sun and sea spray, and they also help maintain the yacht’s fixtures, furniture and furnishings. Custom fitted covers are crucial to preventing damage and reducing wear and tear.”

In the world of luxury yachting, quality and reliability are must-haves. Not all yacht covers are the same, so yacht owners should choose trusted manufacturers to ensure durable, tailor-made covers for their yacht. 

Choosing Excellence: Why Reputable Yacht Cover Manufacturers Matter

Cofounder Joe Peat points out that the advanced tech and detail-oriented precision used by Elite Yacht Covers are some of the reasons that superyachts choose them.

“At Elite Yacht Covers, we use CAD design and Proliner digital measuring which allows us to create designs with millimetre accuracy. We consider the fabric selection, size, weight, and the yacht’s stowage capacity, and we liaise with the Captains and crew to understand more details about usage/expectations.  We travel where the yacht is; we’ve done over 15 trips abroad in 2023. Once we have the digital catalogue of the tenders/furniture/awnings, which don’t need to be ordered at the time, the yacht can order covers when they are required and they are shipped out as soon as possible. For instance, we’re heading to Mexico in the New Year to scan a 100 metre-plus explorer yacht, so that they can call down on the covers when they need them.”

What sets Elite Yacht Covers apart is not only their commitment to unparalleled service but also their strategic partnerships. Collaborating with esteemed companies like Kayospruce and Loft Customs in Palma, Elite Yacht Covers delivers a degree of confidence and dependability that appeals to yacht owners in key yachting hubs.  They are also the preferred cover supplier for tenders and chase boats for Superyacht Tenders.

In the realm of the yachting sector, where every detail speaks volumes about excellent craftsmanship and meticulous care, the choice of a yacht cover emerges as a pivotal decision for yacht owners and fleet managers alike. 

Elite Yacht Covers

About Elite Yacht Covers

Founded with the aim of pioneering CAD-designed cover solutions, EYC is a UK-based provider of luxury yacht protection solutions, specialising in bespoke Superyacht covers, awnings, and canopies. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on craftsmanship, the company has established itself as a trusted supplier for vessels worldwide. 

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Email: enquiries@eliteyachtcovers.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 1206413494

Website: https://www.eliteyachtcovers.com

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