In an exciting development that merges technology with the timeless allure of sailing, pioneering tech start-up Floatist has announced a key partnership with a leading Croatian yacht charter company.

the team at Floatist

Floatist is thrilled to announce its new and exciting partnership with the Croatian-based yacht charter company Adventure Charter. The start-up onboarded Adventure Charter in March 2023, and the team in Croatia has since been using the cloud-based platform and app with great success across their charter operations. 

The partnership aims to revolutionise the yacht charter management landscape in the Adriatic Sea by combining Floatist’s advanced technology and Adventure Charter’s extensive and diverse fleet offering. Based in Drage and Sukosan, Adventure Charter offers more than 70 boats for charter, with the fleet dominated by Bavaria, Hanse and Jeanneau sailboats.

Streamlined Operations

While chartering a yacht can be an incredible experience for the charterer, managing a large fleet of 70 yachts can be challenging for charter companies and a logistical nightmare during peak season. There are so many elements that charter operators have to consider – from the booking process and managing routine maintenance to dealing with ad-hoc issues and controlling smooth handovers. Failure to address fleet management and maintenance effectively can result in operational disruptions, compromised customer experiences, and potential safety issues.

Founded by an ex-skipper with first-hand experience of these issues, Floatist is working to solve the operational challenges that fleet operators currently face. The Floatist software streamlines operations by automating various administrative tasks, mobile check-in and check-out, inventory tracking, and maintenance scheduling. This significantly improves operational efficiency, reducing manual work and increasing employee productivity and engagement. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

The process of checking in guests on arrival day and communicating with guests before, during and after the charter has traditionally been a manual and administrative process. The sheer volume of tasks often causes delays and results in guests waiting for long periods of time before they can embark. Charter companies also often struggle with inefficient communication channels, particularly during peak seasons when multiple charters are scheduled simultaneously. Both these delays and miscommunications can frustrate guests and negatively impact their overall experience.

By integrating with popular booking systems such as MMK Booking Manager, Floatist empowers charter companies such as Adventure Charter to optimise their workflows and elevate customer satisfaction via an easy-to-use platform for clients and companies. This results in simplified processes and the improvement of both employee communications and client relations. Improved customer experience should then result in better reviews and an enhanced perception of the Adventure Charter brand in the market, particularly amongst the younger generation of yacht charterers who are now expecting a digital experience across all of their activities. 

A Game-Changing Solution

Since implementing Floatist, Adventure Charter has experienced a significant improvement in efficiency, enabling them to handle reservations seamlessly while keeping track of the yacht maintenance and other issues throughout a busy season.

Hrvoje Erjavec, COO of Adventure Charter, explains:

“Using Floatist has allowed for a timely and transparent flow of information within the team and towards our clients. It has shown to be very useful in many cases and has allowed us to improve our business processes.”

When integrating the software, Erjavec says:

“The adaptation of our team and the clients needed some time, but once the benefits were clear, it didn’t take long before everyone jumped onboard, realising this is the future of our chartering business.”

This increased efficiency has translated into faster response times and better relationship management with their clients, improving customer and client satisfaction. “The user experience is also improving each week, and I expect that next season Floatist will be recognised as the number one app for charter businesses,” emphasises Erjavec.

Beyond the software itself, Erjavec comments:

“The Floatist team is very supportive and responsible towards our feedback. They are a company that understands what the charters and clients need and have a very focused approach.”

A Collaborative Vision

The Floatist software has now become an integral part of Adventure Charter’s day-to-day operations and is proving invaluable. This partnership allows both companies to contribute to reshaping the charter industry’s future growth and moving it into the digital world, delivering exceptional charter experiences and elevating the Croatian charter industry. 

Floatist continues working with charter management companies across Europe, aiming to empower them with their technology and expertise. Enabling fleet operators to thrive in a competitive market while simultaneously meeting the demands of the evolving younger generation of clients requesting and expecting improved digital solutions. 

“It has been great working with Hrvoje and his team to make this a huge success for Adventure Charter. It is amazing to receive confirmation that our platform has been proven useful for such a large fleet operator like Adventure Charter, just 6 months after launch. I’m looking forward to a long-term partnership!”

– Cindy Allis, Floatist CEO

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