With 53 years of high profile textile and apparel manufacturing, FastR has grown into an industry leading supplier within the motorsport and automotive sector, working with some of the biggest names in the business. Now, they are bringing their expertise and commitment to quality products to the Superyacht industry with FastR Yacht Wear, as well as offering Hollywood-worthy video production services. The company intend on approaching the Superyacht world with ‘a fresh pair of eyes’ and offer the industry the same creative flare they have demonstrated in other sectors.

FastR Bespoke apparel
FastR’s HQ For Bespoke Apparel

Read below our interview with Executive Director Luke Clayton, and discover why FastR is a name you should get to know sooner rather than later.

SYC: What is your professional background?

Luke Clayton: From a personal perspective I have been operating in our main business for 22 years. We have 53 years of high profile textile and apparel manufacturing and have grown to become an industry leading supplier within our industry sector. 

The FastR brand was started officially in 2018 with a view to making substantial improvements and effecting positive change within the motorsport and automotive – sectors which are often regarded as a closed book but have a huge amount to offer. 

Through the FastR brand, we consult with and supply very specific segments of the industry. We only work with the higher end of the market, essentially the larger, more high profile entities. This ensures our customer base feels more valued and allows us to continue with our goal of only supplying higher quality product unhindered. 

SYC: Tell us about FastR, what is the company backstory and what do you do?

LC: From my own perspective, this is our mission statement:

Our goal is to harness the power of community and unlock the doors to the automotive and motorsport universe. We want to make joining the ranks of what many perceive as a closed industry more achievable for everyone who shares our passion.

FastR is a collective of like-minded industry professionals, each with extensive commercial and industry-specific experience. We’ve come together to introduce positive and progressive change into the sometimes unfriendly face of motorsport. 

“It’s our aim to inspire younger generations; they’re vital to the future of the industry”

We’re a highly proactive, motivated and forward-thinking team, and since 2018 we’ve been building the global hub for automotive innovation – collaborating, sharing knowledge and networking along the way. We’ve created a globally recognised brand, one that is open to hard-working, talented individuals who wouldn’t ordinarily have had the opportunity to be represented in the motorsport world – that’s been our ethos from the very start. It’s our aim to inspire younger generations, too; they’re vital to the future of the industry.

Leading the way for equality of opportunity and fairness has always been at the heart of our organisation, which means we’ve had to break down barriers in order to make the motorsport world accessible to a broader audience and demographic. Making sure the talents and skills of individuals are noticed is a substantial undertaking and we’re firm believers in people earning their way, giving credit where credit’s due.

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SYC: How does FastR Yacht Wear intend on making an impact in the superyacht industry?

LC: We want to use our extensive textile manufacturing, commercial experience and keen eye for detail to dramatically improve the way the industry is serviced. We want to also ensure that our clients not only receive carefully well thought out and executed product to exceed their expectations but a first class level of service. 

SYC: What kind of services do you envision providing to the industry and yacht crew?

“Whilst building our impressive portfolio, our team has visited almost every corner of the globe shooting in quite often the most challenging conditions.”

LC: First and foremost clothing is key and we are certain we can build a healthy and loyal customer base but we also want to bring our extensive and world renowned media capabilities into the fold too. We have spent many years building up an enviable level of skill and have invested heavily in top level Red cameras of which we now have 3. These are the same cameras used in Hollywood level production. Whilst building our impressive portfolio, our team has visited almost every corner of the globe shooting in quite often the most challenging conditions. 

SYC: How do you see the company progressing in the next 5 years?

LC: We want to ensure we become THE go to people for industry clothing and media. As we have with motorsport and automotive, we also want to use our expertise and fresh pair of eyes to find ways to help and improve the industry for owners and crew alike. 

SYC: What do you want the yachting industry to know about FastR Yacht Wear?

LC: As a business, we are exceptionally commercially minded, tenacious and wholly committed to excel in everything we undertake. This industry is of course, no different. We have a first class and highly capable, knowledgeable team who are dedicated to delivering an unbeatable customer experience.

To find out more about FastR Yacht Wear and to discover their range of apparel, visit www.fastryachtwear.com

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