Saltlick Fitness has been appointed as Gym Marine’s crew wellbeing partner. In this exciting new partnership, Saltlick Fitness will offer its well-known, tried, and tested crew fitness programs to any yacht or crew collaborating with Gym Marine on a new gym or equipment installation, as well as those with existing Gym Marine-designed facilities and equipment.

Photo by Ian Armstrong

Founded by ex-crew, both Gym Marine and Saltlick Fitness seamlessly bring their years of experience working in health and fitness environments aboard Superyachts to the industry. The two companies share a depth of understanding on how crucial it is for yacht crew to prioritise their fitness when onboard, and the difficulties of finding time to focus on their wellbeing.

Ed Thomas, Managing Director of Gym Marine comments:

“It is impossible for anyone who hasn’t worked at sea to understand just how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy physical routine during a busy season. This partnership between Gym Marine’s experienced team of gym designers and Saltlick’s crew fitness experts is the closest thing to a perfect match for yachts looking to invest in reducing turnover and improving crew wellbeing.”

Tom Jones, Co-Founder of Saltlick Fitness echoes this by stating:

“Saltlick are very excited to be given the opportunity to be partnered with the superyacht industry’s leading gym designers, Gym Marine. Understanding the need for crew to keep fit and healthy has always been at the forefront of Saltlick’s thoughts, and with Gym marine now in our corner yacht crew physical training can become something that everyone can get involved in!” – Tom Jones, Co-Founder of Saltlick Fitness.

About Saltlick Fitness

Photo By Ian Armstrong

Saltlick Fitness was founded by Tom Jones and Christie Surveson, two personal trainers currently working in the superyacht industry. To ensure people reach their goals, the company offers both vessel-specific group programs as well as customised individual programs and online coaching.

An important objective of the company is to help those in the yachting industry maintain a healthy mind and body. With constant time zone changes, long hours, minimal down time, and limited space and equipment, maintaining a work/wellness ratio in yachting can be quite challenging.

A members of the yachting community themselves, the Saltlick team understands these factors and wishes to educate and inform fellow crew members about how to maintain a healthy, well-balanced life on board, while simultaneously recognising the importance of mental and physical well-being.

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