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So how, in two years, has SYC grown to be the leading news and media platform for Superyacht Crew? The answer is in the question; we delivered valuable news and media to Captains and crew all around the world. Our team did this in various ways, from utilising social media to working with companies in the industry to write educational features and read-worthy articles. 

Our Head Of Marketing, Lucy Johnson, is going to tell you the story so far:


Mark Upton, a former Superyacht Captain who also holds a marketing degree, took ownership of SYC in 2021. He had two main goals.

  1. Turn the audience demographics to Captains and Crew. Plus, make them the core value of Superyacht Content by providing them with educational and valuable content.
  2. Show Superyacht Businesses a fresh way of marketing themselves without being charged a ludicrous figure just because “they’re in the Superyacht industry.”

So, that’s what we did.. Starting with building relationships and friendships with Superyacht Crew through our connections, website, and social media platforms. Then delivering different types of content; Career and training, travel, lifestyle, etc. Plus, with 50% of our company being ex-yacht crew themselves, this worked in our favour because

  1. If you’re in the yachting industry, we all know how small the social circle is and
  2. We knew what creative content and tone of voice would engage them. 

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We create mass exposure for Superyacht Businesses and put their companies in front of the key decision-makers on board (Captains and crew). Yes, a lot of you may say that a junior crew member isn’t who you’re trying to talk to, however, that same junior crew member could go on to become a chief stewardess/officer or even a Captain one day. Therefore, they will be the people you want to reach with your product or service.


  • By publishing interesting, engaging, and educational blogs/articles written in a tone of voice that speaks to crew. 
  • Creating social media content and community building.
  • Stand-out banners (Again, there’s a misconception that banners are pointless, but the end results never fail to amaze us).
  • Issuing a weekly newsletter that includes ONLY information that is read-worthy to Captains and Crew. 

Note – Although we make it sound and look easy, and to some extent it is, I still remember back when we first started, I would post a Superyacht video/article, and it would perform AMAZINGLY. Then, I’d post Superyacht crew content, and well… it was a different story. But fast forward a year, we stuck with our core value (Superyacht Crew), continued posting crew content and now, crew content is the top performing category on all of our platforms.

If something doesn’t work at the beginning, don’t get discouraged. Building a community and trust takes time, and this is an area that we can help you in. 


By providing you with a digital platform where you can communicate with captains and crew members. 

Additional marketing services we offer to businesses in the Superyacht Industry include: 

  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Photography / Videography 

Do you need some exposure, are trying to reach the right audience or simply don’t know where to start? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your business, goals and what we can do to help. All at a very “un superyacht industry” price.


Our Head Of Marketing, Lucy Johnson –

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