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2022 marked the year that Superyacht Events started to return to normal after a tough couple of years for the industry. After attending MYBA, Cannes, and MYS our team made some interesting observations.  We thought these insights could help those of you who own or run a Superyacht business.

1. The Superyacht industry is thriving

We walked the halls of the METS Trade Show and talked to a lot of people, a lot we already know but quite a few we didn’t. The over-riding sentiment at the show was positivity. Every person we met was positive about the industry, their products and the future. This is of course great to see and we love to meet people who are so upbeat and optimistic. This breeds a positive attitude and ultimately success. BUT

2. You can’t meet everyone!

Shows are great and we love them. They are a great way to learn, network and understand industry trends. BUT, everyone is there to sell. So, as we are all there to sell our products, nobody is looking at buying. As a Superyacht business owner, if you are faced with two people at a show, one trying to sell you something and the other trying to buy your product, who do you talk to? The answer is obvious and so the seller is always passed over in favour of the buyer.

So, are we doing it wrong?

If everyone at a show is there to sell but nobody wants to buy, how do we make it worthwhile? Before you start to worry that you wasted a lot of money sending people to shows, don’t. Physical presence at shows is essential to any business. They allow you to;

  • Network
  • Make new contacts
  • Showcase your product/ service
  • Generate leads
  • Learn

Most of you already know that the time before and after shows is the important time for selling.

  1. Pre show is all about making appointments with people your business would like to connect with.
  2. The show is all about meeting with those people you arranged to see.
  3. Post show is all about follow up and developing a relationship/ making a sale.

So no, we aren’t doing it wrong but we need to be realistic about what we hope to achieve at a show.


3. Make it count

Ultimately sending your team to a show is about making money for your business. But you need to make sure you;

  • Send the right people: You need dedicated networkers at a show. Plan, organise and execute. You don’t need people who spend the first half of every day recovering from a massive hangover. We all know how common this is!
  • Have the right goals:  Be realistic about what you want to achieve at a show. It is not realistic to come away from any show with a lot of new orders. That comes later
  • Are visible: If nobody knows you are going to be there what can you realistically achieve?

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4. Your digital presence is essential

If you own or run a Superyacht business you already know that presence at shows is essential. The Superyacht industry is one of the most people-focused and personable industries in the world. So, to be present at a show is more valuable than in most other industries. But, your digital presence is equally valuable, reaches more people and gives credibility to your business. Without this, and a carefully calculated plan you are only ever going to reach the people you physically meet.

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5. How can we help?

Here at Superyacht Content we are all about crew (as I am sure you know). Our audience is mostly Superyacht Captains crew, and our articles and content speaks to crew. So, if Captains, heads of department or other crew members are the decision makers for buying your products, Superyacht Content is the right platform for you.

Whether you sell tenders, tableware or spare parts, at Superyacht Content we will put your company and what it does in front of the people who buy what you have to sell.

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