The IGY Trident Collective, the first-ever global collective of superyacht owners, will be launched by Island Global Yachting LLC (“IGY”), the only global network of premium yachting locations and yacht management services. Only a small number of superyacht owners are eligible for this invitation-only private membership programme, which simplifies and enhances superyacht ownership through specialised, next-generation advantages.

Guaranteed global dockage, fuel bunkering, proprietary hull insurance, yacht management, crew service training, yacht agency services, captain and crew benefits, comprehensive health and wellness solutions, and access to curated lifestyle events and experiences are among the benefits owners can expect. These are all offered in collaboration with best-in-class partners.

“Our goal is to improve the economics and experience of yachting, building on our world-class destination base and yacht management platform,” says IGY Trident CEO Tom Mukamal. “People want simplicity in a very difficult and fragmented environment. Between the owner and marina, there are 10-plus different stakeholders. IGY Trident offers a comprehensive set of services administered from a single source.”

IGY’s global superyacht portfolio includes 23 marinas in 13 countries across the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. In March 2022, IGY acquired the Vieux-Port de Cannes, a 700-slip marina in the centre of the French Riviera. In addition, the company is on track to further expand into some of the most desirable destinations for superyacht owners.

IGY Trident Collective

IGY Trident Collective’s full suite of services

  • IGY offers assured dockage access and member pricing on marina services at IGY’s 23 marina destinations to IGY Trident members.
  • Fairport Yacht Support, IGY’s yacht management platform, provides exclusive IGY Trident member pricing and access to yacht management services, including financial administration, crew management, and technical boat support.
  • World Fuel Services gives access to a dedicated 24/7 technical team, transparent member pricing, and carbon offset credits, as well as member pricing on global petroleum bunkering.
  • Navium Marine provides access to its exclusive hull insurance to IGY Trident Collective members. Vessels participating in the programme receive coverage conditions that are equal to or better than their present coverage.
  • BWA Yachting offers global yacht agency and concierge services with benefits specifically for IGY Trident members.
  • Forbes Travel Guide engages directly with IGY Trident members’ superyacht crews to conduct specialised superyacht crew service training. The best-in-class professional development curriculum is tailored for superyacht crews. It is based on the concepts of exceptional service taught by FTG’s highly experienced trainers.
  • VIGILINT provides IGY Trident members with a comprehensive health and wellness solution via its industry-leading Global MedAssist Program, delivering 24/7, real-time medical consultation, comprehensive care, critical care transport, and access to a Cleveland Clinic specialist.

The IGY Trident Community

IGY Trident intends to host innovative, intimate member events and experiences around the globe. Included are private concerts and invite-only social gatherings designed for superyacht owners.

“We know our superyacht owner clients have an interest in attending special events with other like-minded owners,” Mukamal says. “Trident brings together a community of superyacht owners, opening doors for communication and dealings both inside and outside of yachting.”

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