The Red Ensign Group (REG), a group of British Shipping Registers, has unveiled an updated version of its flagship Yacht Code, a comprehensive framework setting safety and design standards in the yachting industry. This major revision, the first since 2019, draws on nearly three decades of regulatory experience since the initial 1997 publication.

It will not come into force until July 2024. Read on for more.

 Red Ensign Group
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What The Update Entails

Developed over two years with input from the REG Yacht Code Industry Working Group, the update incorporates substantial changes to align with recent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) amendments and accommodate evolving trends in yacht design. To ensure consistent application and fairness, the revision clarifies areas previously open to interpretation. Though the updated document is available, it won’t take full effect until July 2024, allowing the industry time to adapt.

Commitment To Safety & Innovation

A Red Ensign Group spokesperson emphasised the Code’s dual focus on safety and innovation, stating:

“We will never compromise on safety and crew welfare and maintain the highest maritime regulatory  standards. However, we do recognise that it’s important to support innovation and technological developments in a rapidly changing industry.”

This commitment to both safety and innovation underscores REG’s dedication to a thriving and responsible superyacht sector, prioritising seafarers’ well-being and upholding the highest maritime safety standards. The updated Yacht Code stands as a testament to REG’s commitment to ensuring the ongoing success of the global yachting industry.

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