Luxury Hospitality and its team of expert trainers have launched its latest training tool, LH Dynamics, to give hospitality workers a clear insight into their strengths and talents, and how these can be uplifted and better implemented in the workplace. 

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As research shows, once people better understand themselves, their level of service excels which is integral to the level of trust a client places in the entire organisation.

“The journey to providing excellent service starts with understanding yourself,” says Luxury Hospitality’s founder, Peter Vogel. “That’s why we’ve co-created this talent awareness tool to empower people to become the best, most trusted, self-aware versions of themselves.”    

The LH Dynamics process begins online via a unique log-in key. A user is presented with a set of straightforward, multiple-choice questions wherein they must instinctively answer the scenarios and work/life experiences with their preference. The questions can be completed within 5-10 minutes, and the results will show how the individual’s character is divided between four energies: dynamo, blaze, tempo and steel. 

“These energies are derived from Ancient Chinese philosophy and reflect our natural state of being,” explains Julia Rogers, Insight Specialist at Luxury Hospitality. “Most people are a blend of energies, and we are here to help people understand their results and energy percentages, and ultimately their talents. This discovery process is the power of LH Dynamics,” she adds.   

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Within the four energies are eight talent profiles. Depending on where the user’s strongest energy sits, these profiles will give a more detailed reflection on their strengths and challenges – all of which are unearthed further during a follow-up call with one of Luxury Hospitality’s expert trainers.   

Backed up by a 12-page report, the short debrief helps the user decipher their results and to better understand themselves and their talents.

“I’ve just completed my Luxury Hospitality’s LH Dynamics talent awareness tool, and it was impressively accurate in its assessment of who I am. I was reminded of my worth and my value in a time when I really needed it,” says a recent candidate. 

If being used on an entire team rather than an individual, the debrief session will help each team member understand how their profile links to those of their colleagues, and how their talents and communication skills can be better utilised. “This leads to the ultimate positive workforce culture,” says Peter. “When you’re in a team that is in flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, and people have more fun while feeling more connected,” he adds.

LH Dynamics was created by the Luxury Hospitality team in collaboration with world-renowned futurist, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton. He is also the founder of the Genius Group and the creator of the Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling systems. Using Hamilton’s system, Luxury Hospitality co-created LH Dynamics to work directly for the luxury hospitality industry. “We, like Roger Hamilton, believe that when we follow our natural strengths, we enjoy more success and happiness,” says Vogel. 

LH Dynamics is a key tool in Luxury Hospitality’s full-circle approach to training. By providing technical and leadership knowledge, inspiration and training, Luxury Hospitality can empower upcoming and established hospitality professionals to deliver perfect 7-star guest experiences.

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