Since 2005, OceanLED has been pushing the technological boundaries of underwater LED lighting. They have been responsible for creating that iconic in-water halo of light around some of the world’s most notable superyachts and they continue to light the way in this market sector in more ways than one.

Continual innovation and a very clever in-house design and engineering team, has catapulted OceanLED to their widely recognised position as the industry leader for underwater lighting.

66m superyacht Aglaia showing her OceanLED underwater lights
66m SY Aglaia, built by Vitters Shipyard

OceanLED are able to offer a fully bespoke service as well as specify products from their existing range for both new builds and refits. Their dedicated customer service and sales team work with superyacht clients through various stages of the build process, liaising with the Captain, Project Manager and shipyard to ensure an optimised specification and the best possible lighting effect.

OceanLED’s product line (which serves the marine leisure market and docks/pontoons, as well as superyachts) was enhanced last year with the addition of the E7 and E8 to their Explore range.

For metal-hulled superyachts, bespoke-angled cofferdams are no longer required. The E8 allows for the yacht’s own varied angles to be counteracted, using its unique reflector optics available in angle variants of 0˚ to 50˚. This ability to angle the beam where it is most effective, parallel to the water’s surface is what achieves that highly desirable ‘halo’ effect.

The lights themselves utilise an enhanced beam shape, which projects the light across a 90-degree width but at only a 20-degree depth, meaning that a more focused beam of light can penetrate further into the water, illuminating a more significant area with minimal light lost.

The E7 product is intended for GRP and carbon fibre hulls, with the E8 serving metal-hulled yachts. Both are available in a choice of dual ultra white, midnight blue or RGBW colourways, and are easily controlled by switch scroll functionality or through OceanLED’s own controller system, accessed via smartphone or tablet. The lights can also be integrated in to a yacht’s existing control system.

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A superyacht with OceanLED underwater lights in Monaco
85.6m Aquila. Built by Derecktor Shipyard

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