Yachting Ventures and Abu Dhabi International Boat Show (ADIBS) are excited to announce the lineup for the Innovation Zone at this year’s show, showcasing the future of marine cleantech. 

In line with the Year of Sustainability, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show will this year host an “Innovation Zone” to showcase CleanTech. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, CleanTech, or clean technology, emerges as a pivotal solution to mitigate environmental impact. 

Working closely with Yachting Ventures, ADIBS has designated a spacious area for 15 CleanTech startups, who will be travelling from across the world to participate in the event. The Innovation Zone will this year be sponsored by Borrow A Boat, which has been coined the “Airbnb of boats” and offers access to more than 45,000 boats in over 65 countries. 

Commenting on the sponsorship, Matt Ovenden, founder of Borrow A Boat said: “As a tech company ourselves in this industry, who has taken the lead in driving innovation and growth in yachting and lead on sustainable boating, we are delighted to be headline sponsor for the Innovation Zone at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. This is an opportunity for some incredible brands to showcase their products, and we are excited to be part of making this happen to bring innovation in the boating industry.” 

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Who can you expect to see at the Innovation Zone in Abu Dhabi? 

Electric Boats

  1. ZeroJet designs and manufactures electric jet propulsion systems for small boats, providing sustainable and reliable boating. Their world-leading plug-and-play system is easy and fast for boat builders to install and gives boaties a quiet but exhilarating ride on the water. 
  2. Ripple Boats is building a 10-meter yacht that is 100% electric. Enjoy the water with our unique air cushion technology, giving enhanced range!
  3. Navier is America’s first and the longest-range fully electric hydrofoiling boat that can recharge in an hour. Being the most advanced electric marine vessel built to date, it flies 4 feet off the water for 75+ nautical miles. 
  4. THE SILENT POWER is presenting the future with ‘The Icon’, a collaboration between Tyde and BMW, a masterpiece that defines fully electric marine travel in pure luxury. Experience silent, fume-free journeys with an unprecedented level of comfort, as cutting-edge foiling technology lets you glide gracefully over the Gulf’s waves, marrying green innovation with unmatched style. 
  5. REGENT is developing zero-emission Seagliders that can traverse the sea in one of three modes: hull, hydrofoil, or flight in ground effect; delivering high-speed maritime transport and logistics. 
  6. Voltaic is focused on the decarbonization of the recreational boat industry through innovative design and battery architecture that accelerates the adoption of clean-energy-propulsion watercraft. Starting with Water Sports, our philosophy is rooted in a ground-up design approach, which allows us to create the most optimized EV platforms possible. 
  7. ELVENE thinks the world is a much better place when it’s habitable. The Finnish startup is revolutionizing the boating industry by providing self-sustainable solar electric boats. All the benefits of an electric boat, without the need for a charging infrastructure. 

Electric Outboard Engines

  1. RAD Propulsion is a UK marine electric propulsion startup developing and selling a range of smart, connected electric products. The first product to market is the RAD 40, with a large drive and intuitive operating features, providing a clean, safe and reliable system that is both stylish and lightweight. 
  2. Evoy designs and delivers powerful electric motor systems for boats. Reliable, fast-charging, and smart systems that reduce environmental impact are at the core of what they do, making sustainable boating irresistible. 

Water Sports

  1. Aerofoils is building the safest and most performant electric foil board on the market. Meticulously crafted in Germany with the highest quality materials, the Audi e-tron eFoil will elevate your water adventures to new heights with unmatched performance and peace of mind.
  2. Floating Padel is building environmentally friendly Floating Padel Court Solutions to create unique gaming experiences on the water, offering the opportunity to combine the Padel-tennis and other services and businesses on the water, on the same platform. 

Other Technologies

  1. AnchorGuardian brings safety to anchoring for sailors, ships and sea. It provides intelligence during the entire anchoring procedure to the captain and crew, in real-time. 
  2. Charge Made Good (CMG) is an app that can make most sailing vessels completely fossil fuel-free with faster transit times, unlimited range and more energy aboard for comfort. CMG is free and open source so you can use it for your existing yacht’s conversion to zero-emissions or eliminate the generator of modern hybrid systems. 
  3. Homeport is not an aeration system and it does not use chemicals. Active at a nano-scale, ultrafine bubbles are introduced to water where they begin to act on pollutants and anaerobic life that cause odour, turbidity, biofilm and contamination. 
  4. Ankor Software exists to make the lives of brokers and their customers easier. We support CleanTech by giving special discounts to electric boat manufacturers and supporting the NGO, Beneath the Waves. 
  5. Washdown was founded by ex-superyacht crew as a disrupter of industries, not oceans. We provide a new era of cleaning through powerful, yet natural biotech cleaning solutions that put the welfare of the user and the planet first without compromising on price or performance. Washdown offers both exterior and interior cleaning solutions. 

For more information about the Innovation Zone at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show, please email: hello@yachtingventures.co

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