“The largest investment ever in the nautical tourism sector in Croatia”

Lürssen is a German Superyacht shipyard with headquarters currently in Bremen-Vegesack and shipbuilding facilities in Lemwerder, Berne and Bremen-Aumund. The company was founded back in 1875 and is now recognised as one of the world’s leading builders of custom luxury Superyachts. 

In May 2022, the Lürssen Group announced that they’ll be opening its Rijeka engineering center in Croatia. The center will be used to develop ideas, as well as design some of the most modern and expensive vessels in the world.

Lürssen previously entered the Croatian market in the Kvarner regions to invest in the largest hotel chain in Opatija – Liburnia Riviera Hotels. Soon after, the company embedded on a joint venture with the state-owned company Aci, to build the Porto Baross marina in Rijeka. As of today, Porto Baross Marina is worth more than 360 million kuna… And they’ve now announced that Lurssen Yachts Rijeka Engineering Center in Croatia will be the new development and design center.
Lurssen Yachts Rijeka Engineering Center in Croatia Announced | Superyacht Content
100m+ Superyacht launched at the Lurseen Shipyard – Image by Superyacht Time

Peter Lurssen, CO owner of Lurssen Shipyards adds:

“This is a city in which we’ve found highly motivated and quality employees. We see great potential in terms of engineering, as well as the development of tourism. Our ambition Is to make Rijeka a centre of excellence. A reference point for innovation in the design of luxury boats. The centre already employs about a hundred engineers and designers specialising in boat design. Croatia has a long tradition in this field and it is no coincidence that we have chosen Rijeka, a city with an ancient industrial mould.”
The engineering centre will cost around a whopping €48,000,000! But how long will a project as large as this one take? – The leading builders of Superyacht announced that the Lurssen Yachts Rijeka Engineering Center in Croatia is scheduled to open its doors in 2025.  It’ll have the capacity to berth 260 yachts. And once built, they will use the site for a range of activities; from the design of Superyachts, to research on automation and digitisation. On top of this, the engineering center will be used for research into the “use of hydrogen and synthetic fuels,” as well as to develop “technologies for the reuse of waste to be transformed into energy sources.”
Croatia tourism sector to boost | Superyacht Content

Marko Filipovic, Mayor of Rijeka adds:

“Over the next five years, the face of the City of Rijeka will change, especially when viewed from the sea. Let’s look at this investment as an investment in highly educated people. It’s definitely something good that is happening in Rijeka.” – Marko Filipovic, Mayor of Rijeka.

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