Surf sports are becoming more relevant to the superyacht industry. As more charter guests and owners get into water sports, the industry needs more instructors, more frameworks and more solutions. To ensure an optimal learning experience, safety and exceptional service, we need to raise the bar and implement standards that match those of the yachting industry. Luxkite does that, for kitesurfing. 

Focusing on large private yachts and charters, this company paves the way to a  worldwide accessible onboard kitesurfing experience – by offering stress-free  solutions for charter brokers, managers and crew they blend in with the flow of the industry. 

To see what opportunities their approach might bring to you and what problems it will solve, keep reading below…

1. For Crew – Getting prepared to host kitesurfers

Kitesurfing is a complex sport, it involves checking the spot, the wind and weather conditions, setting up the suitable kites, launching and landing from the boat,  giving the right instructions and assisting the client with a tender throughout their session. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It can be dangerous to host kite-surfers without the extra knowledge, even when they are experienced. So what to do when your next guest is a kite-surfer? 

Luxkite have developed a crew training program in which their team will give you a look behind the scenes. Non-kiting crew members will learn the basic theories behind the sport  and the dos and don’ts of assisting a kiter. Kiting crew members are introduced to an optimal teaching process to maximise their client’s progress. If time allows, crew members get the chance to learn kitesurfing from the start. The goal is to  strengthen the crew’s competence and confidence, getting them prepared to host kiters on their next trip.

2. For Brokers – A kitesurfing solutions that fits every boat

The boat choice for charter trips is always dependent on the charter guests’ requirements and preferences. When it comes to more specific requests like kitesurfing, the possible selection of yachts narrows down quite drastically. Not all yachts are properly equipped, nor can they offer a safe setting for teaching  beginners. As a result, brokers have to compromise and can’t offer the boat they want. Something is missing there. A trustworthy kitesurfing solution that fits every boat, is easy to implement and can satisfy clients.  

That’s what Luxkite is offering with their ‘Charter Trip Assistance’ (CTA). This service covers everything needed, from the right gear to highly trained instructors with the right amount of yachting knowledge. Their team tailors solutions to assist charter trips, either onboard the yacht itself or from nearby accommodations. The instructors integrate with the crew and dedicate their time onboard to training  clients and guests. Providing an unforgettable kitesurfing experience, that will last way beyond the client’s charter vacation, is their goal.  

A ‘Charter Trip Assistance’ can not just help brokers to broaden their boat selection, but also inspire them to reach a new clientele by offering pre-planned kite itineraries to their prospects.  

Attracting new clientele is something managers have to take into account as well…

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3. For Managers – Smart marketing without the extra work

Reaching a wide clientele and maximising bookings for their fleet is a charter manager’s objective. With the correct positioning and a smart marketing strategy, they drive revenue to the boat and make sure the owner is happy. From the perspective of an ever-changing market, this isn’t always easy. As the client’s  behaviour changes, so do the offerings.  

By joining the Luxkite ‘Yacht Assistance Program’ (YAP) managers can now link their yachts with the Luxkite service. They can market their boats with a full-service kite school onboard, without having to equip the vessel or hire an additional crew. The program takes care of all that, having the resources ready to jump on board and teach charter clients and their guests whenever there is a need. Besides that, the Assistance Program comes with a plethora of additional solutions for the vessel itself. Those can be discounted gear or gear subscriptions, premium availability, long-term instructors and the crew training.

As the Yacht Assistance Program integrates with the yacht, there are no extra costs for the charter clients. This makes it particularly easy to attract brokers and get them excited to start booking the low seasons.

Conclusion – The Start Of A New Era? 

All in all, this company brings something to the market that has never been there before. By raising the standards in kiting and offering solutions exclusively for the yachting industry, they are bringing together two very different worlds. Their approach already got them recognised by major companies. Seems like the doors to kitesurfing onboard superyachts are finally open.  

Time to get on the water! 

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