Earlier this year, IGY Marinas won the 50-year concession to develop a 600 berth marina in Malaga, Spain. It’ll will be known as Malaga San Andres Marina. The concession has been awarded to IGY in collaboration with Ocean Capital Partners. They announced that the marina is set to open in 2024.

Malaga San Andres Marina of IGY Marina

The Malaga San Andres Marina will accommodate yachts up to 60 metres in length. Marina Málaga SAN, an entity of the Qatari investment group Al Alfia, is the main investor in the approximately €60 million Málaga San Andres Marina project. The project represents a commitment to Málaga’s economic development and IGY will be the exclusive manager and marketeer of the marina.

“We are excited to be a part of the Malaga San Andres Marina project.  The opportunity to bring IGY’s expertise and personnel to operate and market this significant project represents a further opportunity for IGY to continue its investments in the overall development of the nautical sector of the City of Malaga,” says Tom Mukamal, CEO, IGY Marinas.

Malaga San Andres Marina of IGY Marinas

IGY Marinas manages a collection of marinas through the US, Caribbean, Europe and South America. They offer clients exclusive access to luxury marinas and surrounding real estate properties.

The project is centrally located in Málaga, steps from the heart of the historic city, 20 minutes from Málaga Costa del Sol Airport. The site will include 8,000 square-metres of land side development. As well as, crew facilities, shops, restaurants, concierge services and more.

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