A formal inauguration of the newly built 4,300t shiplift was conducted on November 22nd by MB92 La Ciotat, one of Europe’s leading superyacht refit groups.

There to witness the inauguration of the shiplift were over 350 local institutions as well as many of the individuals who worked on the project. MB92 as well as representatives from La Ciotat Shipyards, La Ciotat City Hall, Région Sud, Département des Bouches du Rhône, and Region Sud christened the platform.

Formal inauguration in La Ciotat
Image by MB92

Jean-Marc Bolinger, CEO of MB92 Group, hailed the inauguration as:

 “a historic moment for our shipyard and for the local people. It’s the beginning of a new era and we are excited to be a part of the continuing development of the site so that it can secure its position as the world’s leading centre for superyacht refit.”

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A Boost to local area

As a result of the new platform, which represents a total investment of 47.5 million euros, eight yachts have already been accommodated for work. The new shiplift is set to boost the shipyard’s activity, which in turn will have a positive knock-on effect on local employment, whether directly with MB92 or indirectly through the growing network of local subcontractors.

Additionally, local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and shops are expected to see a big boost in business, due to the additional employees on site and the increase in crew staying at the facilities.

Furthermore, by 2024, the shipyard is expected to employ more than 900 full-time people (737 directly and indirectly at the shipyard, 168 at local businesses), a 50% increase compared to 2021.

Ben Mennem, CEO of MB92 La Ciotat, added: 

“MB92 is firmly rooted locally, with deep ties to the sea and a strong maritime heritage. The shipyard plays a central role in developing career opportunities for young talent and works alongside educational establishments to strengthen this link with our traditions and raise the technicity and professionalism of the local workforce.”

For further information about MB92 La Ciotat, visit mb92.com 

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