Monaco Yacht Show adventure area

From the 28th of September to the 1st of October, the new Monaco Yacht Show Adventure Area is set to boast a vast range of day-trip and sports tenders, luxury and off-road vehicles, water toys, high-tech gadgets, helicopters, and tailor-made programs to explore the planet’s most remote destinations.

The exhibition will span across two sites at Monaco’s Port Hercule: Quai Antoine Ier, which previously featured the Car Deck and Tenders & Toys exhibitions, is now home to the Adventure Area that combines the two themes in a single location, boasting a myriad of luxury vehicles, tenders and water toys for visitors to discover; secondly, as in previous editions, around twenty tenders will be moored at Quai Jarlan.

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This extended exhibition for all adventure and leisure activities reflects the MYS’ continued ambition to bring visitors the finest yachting experience. Today, charter clients want to drive all-terrain vehicles to the North Pole, go on underwater excursions, take tender rides off the coast of secluded islands, enjoy tailor-made tours of historical and cultural sites in coastal destinations, and discover animal species – while respecting their ecosystems – and even take part in scientific field trips.

By announcing three new themed exhibitions for 2022 – the Sustainability Hub, the Yacht Design & Innovation Hub (new format), and the Monaco Yacht Show Adventure Area – MYS has proven that it is on course towards its goal: helping the industry redefine the yachting experience (an expression that has become all-too-common) and appeal to a new Superyacht charter clientele. This new generation challenges current yachting standards: it is revolutionising the concept of luxury with its epicurean vision and desire to freely discover new experiences – one that prevails over the need to own.

– Locations: Quai Antoine Ier, Quai Jarlan, Port Hercule, Monaco

– Free access with a valid MYS pass

– Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. (6 p.m. on Saturday)

Inside Monaco Yacht Show Adventure Area

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