Great news for the UK Superyacht industry and the environment! Net Zero Marine build and operate renewable and shore power systems for the marine sector that are fully capable of operating in harsh conditions. They are rolling out zero emissions technology, and integrated marine renewables and shore power assets across the UK. This article covers their mission, ethos, and the impact they’re going to have on UK marinas.

Read on as Superyacht Content speaks to Miles Cole from Net Zero Marine.

Tell Us About The Future Of Marine Power. Where Does Net Zero Marine Come In?

The future of marine power in the inland and coastal sectors will be highly reliant on both grid bought power and integrated renewables in order for organisations to achieve their net zero targets.

Net Zero Marine finance, consent, construct and operate renewable shore power systems specifically designed for the marine sector. NZM are a team with a passion for providing quality service and have developed reliable marine power systems through years of experience. That’s why we design, own, maintain and operate our shorepower equipment to ensure that it continues to provide high quality performance through its lifecycle.

What Is Your Ethos At Net Zero Marine?

We are all about displacing the use of liquid hydrocarbons and creating the zero emissions berths of the future.

NZM have a unique combination of renewable energy and maritime expertise and our ethos is to develop engineering solutions for our clients whilst driving forward the transition to Net Zero. 

What Is Your Mission?

As specialist marine renewable energy providers, NZM, have been spearheading the shift to zero emissions technology in the marine sector.

What Are You Excited For?

We are especially excited to provide superyachts with clean renewable power whilst at berth!

Why Is It Important That UK Superyacht Marinas & Destinations Look To Upgrade Their Shore Power Capabilities?

How can they do it, and how is Net Zero a driving force behind this? 

Shore power assets are becoming increasingly important to port and marine operators that need to reduce emissions at berth and future-proof their services for increasingly cleaner and more forward-thinking vessels. Our integrated approach provides shore power and ensures competitive pricing, maintaining price parity with marine diesel.

Would This Make Winter Berths For The UK More Viable?

NZM provide high-capacity shore power 365 24/7 ensuring that superyachts have ample power required for UK winter berthing.

What Role Is Net Zero Marine Playing For Sustainability & The Environment In The Superyacht Industry?

NZM recognise that superyachts can make an immediate impact on their carbon footprint by plugging into clean renewable shore power whilst at berth. NZM want to support this transition away from the use of diesel and other hydrocarbons whilst at berth. 

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