Cala del Forte is a luxurious, brand-new, cutting-edge marina in Ventimiglia, Italy. The Principality of Monaco is about 15 to 20 minutes away (7.9 nautical miles). It’s a great sister marina to the neighbouring Port Hercule and Port of Fontvieille, as it’s naturally protected from the weather and has closely monitored land access.

Cala del Forte welcomes e-mobility

The public can now use two Enel X fast charging outlets for electric vehicles. These are both located in the ground-level carpark. One AQUA superPower station is able to provide power for both electric boats and cars simultaneously. The AQUA is located at the head of the Molo d’Onore, the Cala del Forte’s main pier. A second one will soon be available.

cala del forte Marina electric charging points
Electric charging points at Cala del Forte

Direct connection between Cala del Forte and the Old Ventimiglia

April 7th, 2021 marked the opening of a cutting-edge vertical lift linking Cala del Forte and the ancient town centre of Ventimiglia Alta. The lift is direct, rapid, and free to all pedestrians who wish to use it. It’s incredibly efficient, taking only 40 seconds to reach the historic town. The vertical lift, along with the 582 parking spots at Cala del Forte, which are all fully functioning and open to the public, ushers in a new age in Ventimiglia for innovative mobility and hospitality.

Cala del Forte Lift
The vertical lift linking Cala del Forte and Ventimiglia

Upcoming sports events in Monaco

There are three exciting events to look forward to in Monaco:

  1. 30th April: Monaco ePrix
  2. 13th – 15th May: Monaco Historic Grand Prix
  3. 26th – 29th May: Monaco Grand Prix

Next May, the historical Monaco Grand Prix takes place in the Principality. The event marks the grand finale of an exciting worldwide F1/FE championship season. Cala del Forte is located just 7.9 miles from Monaco, and is a great option for yacht and superyacht owners looking to enjoy world-class events as well as world-class hospitality. Cala del Forte provides complimentary transports to and from Monaco on board Monaco One, an exclusive high-speed catamaran. The vessel travels from Cala del Forte to Monaco in less than 15 minutes. For the duration of the events, transfers for clients onboard yachts larger than 26 metres will be included in the mooring fees.

Yachts entering Cala Del Forte Marina

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