Paradise Foods, the first-of-its-kind provisioning delivery app, is excited to announce its return in anticipation of the upcoming Caribbean yachting season.

The Martinique-German-Polish startup, formerly Appel à Tous, has returned for this coming Caribbean season after its successful pilot testing season in Martinique last November 2022. The brand, now known as Paradise Foods, is back with bigger ambitions and poised for expansion.

Sailing Into Digitisation

The app is the brainchild of visionary sailors and startup technology entrepreneurs, co-founders Zoe Adamovicz and Momo Bratzke. Having spent years sailing in the Caribbean, they recognized a gap in the market for their technology-driven solution. One which has the opportunity to propel the boating industry forward, away from archaic solutions and into the new age.

The co-founders combined their passion for the islands with their technology expertise to support the sailing community better. The app enables users more time to enjoy the Caribbean experience hassle-free, leaving behind current provisioning logistics.

The app has a diverse range, offering carefully curated produce selected by users and then seamlessly delivered across multiple locations by the dedicated Paradise Food delivery staff team.

Overcoming Challenges

The team’s profound understanding of the common hurdles faced by the boating community in the Caribbean led to the company’s solution, a service that sources and delivers groceries for you, ending the arduous task of provisioning and stocking up boats.

The co-founders found that accessing large supermarkets from anchorages via multiple dinghy journeys isn’t easy, as well as the struggle of keeping groceries fresh onboard for longer and the last-minute need for provisions by some clients.

With a resoundingly successful season behind them, bridging the gap between customers and produce, the company has solidified its position as the first grocery delivery app in the Caribbean region, transforming the boating experience.

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Who Is It For?

The app digitizes the provisioning process through an express delivery service, streamlining operations and creating enhanced efficiency.

The app caters to a diverse range of users, including local communities, boat owners, charter fleet operators, and superyacht crew members.

Connecting, Sustaining and Celebrating

Paradise Foods is more than just an app; the team is committed to positively impacting local communities. Their journey from pilot testing to now is a testament to the power of both innovation and collaboration.

Their brand’s core values lie within community engagement through collaboration and partnerships with local suppliers, enhancing sustainability credentials through sourcing local, seasonal produce, minimizing the impact of grocery delivery through reducing single-use plastic, and supporting marine organizations and initiatives where they can.

The vibrant colours of the brand reflect not only the vivacity of the Caribbean but also the essence of unity that binds the diverse cultures and communities across the islands. Delving deeper into the intricate, colourful patterns of Paradise Foods’ app design reveals a homage to distinct elements of various islands. Each motif has been carefully curated to recognize the distinctive cultural heritage of each island – Martinique’s flowers, Saint Lucia’s parrots, and Saint Barths’ aviation industry – all showcased through the brands’ artwork.

On the Horizon

With ambitious plans for expansion and growth, Paradise Foods is excited about this forthcoming Caribbean season.
“We see the Caribbean as one nation interconnected by the sea; this is why the idea behind Paradise Foods came to fruition. We want to be able to connect these islands better with our app. Our mission goes beyond simple grocery convenience. It is about contributing and supporting the sailing and yachting community across the islands. Harnessing our digital innovation, we are working to make boating more environmentally conscious” – Zoe Adamovicz, Co-Founder.

Building on the success of its initial launch in Martinique, the company aims to cover even more areas of the Caribbean region this year, ensuring all boaters throughout the islands can experience the convenience, community, and innovation that Paradise Foods has brought.

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