Yachties Run Wild is a fitness community of women based in Palma, founded by friends and crewmates Jess Chilton and Carrina Farrow of M/Y Shemara. In this article we talk to Carrina about how it all started, building a community, and her hopes for the future.

yachties run wild

Q&A With Carrina

1. What inspired you to start Yachties Run Wild?

Jess & I started doing couch to 5K and rewarded each run with a glass of wine or brunch out. We wanted more friends to get involve and join us.

2. Where can new members get in touch?

On our Instagram page @yachtiesrunwild

3. Where are you based?

Based in Palma, Mallorca.

4. What are your future hopes for the club?

We would love to expand to new locations and continue hosting new and exciting fitness events.

5. What do you hope fellow crew members get out of participating?

Keeping fit is so good for our mental health and we really focus on helping our ‘happy & healthy minds’ but not only that meeting new friends is our favourite part.

6. Who is the club for?

Our target audience is women in the yachting industry but anyone in Palma that wants to be apart of a women empowering fitness group can join.

7. Are you personally really into fitness, or was this something completely unexpected?

Completely unexpected. Although we love fitness, in yachting it’s so hard to keep fit. So having this yard period/down time has been a great way to get back into fitness and encourage other people to do it with us.

8. Do you have to run?

No you don’t. We encourage all abilities to join us. You can walk, run or do a bit of both.

9. What has been your favourite part of running the club?

For us, it’s been watching friendships grow between all the girls. They come alone and always leave with new friends. For the girls, I recon the drinks after is definitely their favourite part!

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