Effective immediately, Quay Crew has partnered with CrewPass to include detailed criminal background checks for crew and yachting professionals as a standard in their recruitment process.

CrewPass background checks

It will be possible for owners, yachts, management companies, and the wider yachting sector to have successful candidates go through the comprehensive selection process at no additional cost to them. Several recruitment agencies have already integrated CrewPass, enabling candidates to gain ‘approved status’ and distinguish themselves from competitors. The partnership with Quay Crew, however, includes the service as part of the standard recruitment fee.

As a result, clients could save £199 per candidate on the current cost of processing checks through CrewPass.

With CrewPass, criminal background checks, ID verification, and certification validity checks are conducted on individuals, resulting in an approved certification lasting two years. Unchecked candidates will also benefit from this partnership, since they can proactively sign up for £9.99 a month.

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‘Going That Extra Mile’

Tim Clarke, co-founder and Director at Quay Crew, said: “The safety of yacht owners, their families and guests has always been of paramount importance, but as the yachting sector and its recruitment and referencing processes mature, a growing number of yachts are now requiring full criminal background checks of crew”

“We’ve always followed a stringent referencing and document validity process, but this added level of due diligence offered in partnership with CrewPass goes that extra mile”

Clarke added: “When yachts put it into perspective, background-checking staff is an excellent way of protecting vulnerable groups onboard with whom crew interact on a one-to-one basis, such as High Net Worth individuals and children. Simple reference checks are not sufficient to fully comprehend a candidate’s suitability or history.

“Even on land, employers should feel confident that they are doing everything to ensure the safety of their business, existing employees and clients/customers.”

Quay Crew Head Tim Clarke On CrewPass
Tim Clarke of Quay Crew

UHNW benefit

Conrad Empson, Managing Director of CrewPass, added: “Yachting is, by its very nature, an international and fluid industry, with people frequently moving around the world. This can make it fairly easy to take on new identities, leaving entire lives behind, with no straightforward global protocol to follow for background checks.

“With the average Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individual having a net worth in excess of $30m, they are often targets of crime. And following Covid, many have sought the isolation, solitude and freedom that owning a superyacht can offer, which is why there has been such a flurry of build and brokerage activity.”

“It’s therefore paramount to ensure those yacht owners, and anyone operating in the industry, are afforded the top level of security from the people who work with and for them.”

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