Marine Resources has recently launched an initiative called Future Talent to continue their strategy to nurture and support future talent within the sector. We spoke with Senior Marketing Manager, Preslava McCarthy, on Marine Resources’ plans for Future Talent…

About Future Plan

Future Talent is built on four main pillars: Attract, Train, Retain, and Thrive.

They use these goals as a comprehensive model to engage with both employers and employees at events like METSTRADE, the Boat Builder Awards, Southampton International Boat Show, and many more. It aims to give young professionals a voice by providing a platform to express their aspirations and expectations for the marine industry’s future. This initiative also seeks to collect insights and data while educating and influencing the industry on the unique needs of young people and professionals. Their main audience include millennials and Gen Z, as they are vital contributors to the industry’s future success.

The Goal For Future Talent

Future Talent aims to recruit young professionals (YP).

As McCarthy explains:

Our ‘primary goal is to heighten industry awareness about the potential in hiring YP. We aim to provide guidance to our clients and the broader industry on how to highlight aspects of their businesses that would be attractive to YP. Furthermore, we will work on educating employers about YP’s expectations, helping them present themselves as excellent companies to work for.’

Upcoming Events

In terms of upcoming initiatives, Future Talent has a range of events.

  • They will continue to support the Superyacht Young Designer competition, which is sponsored by Marine Resources
  • There is a full schedule of events at the METSTRADE Young Professionals’ Club & Career Zone. At this year’s METSTRADE event, students and up-and-coming professionals will be able to gain complimentary access to career coaching sessions, offered by Marine Resources’ experienced recruiters. Additionally, METSTRADE exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of free job advertisement opportunities within the METSTRADE Career Zone
  • Throughout the year, they plan to host various webinars for both employers and YP, providing opportunities for networking and continuing initiatives beyond METSTRADE, including the Marine Mentors program

However, this is only the beginning. As McCarthy states: “These are just the initial steps, and we are eager to develop and expand our efforts over time.”

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