Evrima, the first 190m cruise ship from the upcoming Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is due to launch in May 2022. Following numerous setbacks, the project, which was originally set to welcome passengers in 2020, will finally take to the water.

Image: Ritz-Carlton

“While we are eager to welcome guests on board the Evrima, we have had to re-evaluate the timing of our first voyage given the rapidly changing circumstances and their impact on the Evrima’s completion,” said Douglas Prothero, CEO of the company. “We remain excited to set sail in the spring and thank our guests for their understanding and patience as we continue to navigate this unprecedented global environment.”

What caused delays to the cruise ship’s launch?

Initially, slowdowns at the Spanish shipyard where Evrima is being built caused delays. This pushed back the completion of the project by months. More recently, Covid-19 has caused delays all over the world, which has also affected the construction of Evrima. With the most recent launch date of May 2022, hopefully, there will be no more unforeseen complications.

Image: Ritz-Carlton

How many guests can the hotel accommodate?

Once launched, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will provide luxury-seeking customers with the hotelier’s renowned service on a world-class yachting vacation. Voyages will typically range from seven to ten nights aboard, with the vessels accommodating up to 298 guests. The guests will stay in one of the yacht’s 149 suites, which all include a private terrace. Each ship will feature “personalised service, elevated dining and luxury amenities” for the guest’s comfort.

Image: Ritz-Carlton

How many yachts will make up the Ritz-Carlton collection?

A total of three yachts will make up the company’s fleet. Back in 2017, Ritz-Carlton ordered three 190m eight-deck vessels. Although Evrima will launch this year, it is unknown when the following two ships will launch. When the first ship sets sail, itineraries will include calls in ports as diverse as Boston, Cartagena, Saint-Malo, Lisbon and Montreal. There will also be overnight calls, to allow guests to disembark and enjoy the surroundings ashore.

Image: Ritz-Carlton

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