Salt Lick Fitness, since their launch in 2021, has helped superyacht crew maintain a healthy mind and body. With their growing network of crew using their fitness app and training programmes, they keep people feeling ship shape and enable them to better handle the demands of the job. Read on to find out about their CrewKit range, coolest of all the Crew Bench!

On The Path To Expansion

Salt Lick Fitness is now a popular choice for crew fitness programs and onboard exercise guidance. In 2023, Gym Marine, a leading gym design company, took up Salt Lick Fitness as their partner for crew wellbeing. More growth is expected, with the introduction of Salt Lick’s ambassador program in 2024.

The founders took action by creating their own line of compact, space-efficient gym equipment designed for both boat and dock use, specifically tailored for the marine environment. This innovative equipment line is known as the Salt Lick CrewKit range.

Salt Lick Fitness

The Multi-Functional Crew Bench

In creating the initial product for their CrewKit range, Salt Lick Fitness collaborated with Gym Marine, drawing on their decade-long expertise in designing gym spaces on superyachts.

This collaboration led to the development of the Crew Bench — a versatile gym bench and storage unit reminiscent of those found in large commercial gyms. The Salt Lick CrewKit bench boasts advanced features, including multiple incline positions and an internal storage compartment for accessories. When not in use, the bench seat folds flat, and the front part folds away, minimising how much space it takes up onboard.

The Crew Bench comprises:

  • 6 pairs of dumbells
  • 2 kettle bells
  • A slam ball
  • A collection of resistance bands
  • Vinyl workout mat

Advised by Gym Marine, Salt Lick chose a metal framework coated with zinc before painting to prevent corrosion. The free weights (including handles) are entirely wrapped in rubber, while the kettlebells have stainless steel handles. The bench comes with a tailored rain cover so you can leave it on deck where it’s shielded from UV rays and salt spray.

The versatilie bench can be placed on a heli deck, swim platform, or lifted from the boat onto the dock for Salt Lick’s dockside workouts.

The Crew Bench is available in the standard Salt Lick color scheme of black and silver. Alternatively, you can customise it with unique paint finishes, coloured leathers, stitching details – and even your yacht’s logo!

Salt Lick Fitness

Fun For All The Crew

With a single bench, up to seven people can comfortably engage in a group training session.

The equipment from the entire CrewKit range can be seamlessly combined with Salt Lick Fitness’ digital suite, featuring instructional videos and workouts. For the Crew Bench, users can scan a QR code to access a dedicated library of workouts tailored to this specific equipment, providing you guidance for effective training sessions.

Interested crew can register their interest for a production slot via the website with delivery expected prior to the 2024 summer Med season.

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