AYSS is a collective of the best superyacht agents around the world, providing yacht services to captains and crew since 1991. No matter where you cruise, you’ll certainly benefit from the services of professional Yacht Agents. Sea Masters Costa Rica has recently joined AYSS and their group of over 70 superyacht agents, so this article will introduce you to them and what they offer!

About Sea Masters Costa Rica

They are a team of experienced ocean enthusiasts, trailblazers in providing support for superyachts visiting Costa Rica since 2006. Growing in tandem with the industry, their services have expanded year by year. At first, they served as the first onboard dive and naturalist guides in the area, facing the challenges alongside Captains during the early years when Costa Rica had yet to establish itself as a superb cruising destination. Today, combining the best of their skills, they offer a full network of trusted service providers, reflecting their commitment to the maritime community.

Which areas do they cover?

Sea Masters have been supporting over 350 superyachts since they began. They cover the following areas:

  • Papagayo
  • Playa del Coco
  • Puntarenas
  • Los Suenos
  • Quepos
  • Golfito
  • Puerto Limon

Their aim is to ensure peace of mind for the captain and crew, as they offer 24/7 comprehensive yacht services and support.

On Joining AYSS

Cristiano Paoli of Sea Masters Costa Rica is looking forward to growing in the industry:

“Sea Masters proudly announces joining the AYSS family, marking a significant milestone in our journey. From humble beginnings 18 years ago, we have grown alongside many esteemed AYSS members, forging enduring partnerships, exchanging information and clients, collaboratively upholding industry excellence. As we embark on this new chapter, we continue to strengthen our relationships and collectively raise the bar in our industry.”


Below is a comprehensive list of the services that Sea Masters Costa Rica provides, for captains to guests, for engineers to crew…

For Captains

  • Cruise planning
  • Tailored itineraries
  • Detailed maps
  • Local weather and sea conditions advice
  • Smooth clearances
  • Inbound/outbound shipments fast clearance and delivery
  • National parks permits
  • Organised accounting and honest fees

For Interior Department

  • Supplies search and purchase
  • Flowers arrangements
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Fine carpentry
  • Local handcrafts
  • Typical products

For Guests & Owners

  • Airport VIP service
  • Executive planes and helicopters
  • Luxury cars and 4×4 vehicles
  • Top dive/surf/naturalist guides
  • Private nature reserves
  • Unique sea and land activities away from touristic paths. They’ll get privacy, shadow vessels, and professional sportfishing charters
  • Exclusive spa and boutique resorts
  • Private villas for special events

For Engineers

  • Spare parts search and purchase
  • Professional contractors for repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Competitive quotes for cleanest diesel available
  • Lube oils dealers
  • Sludge removal
  • Knowledgeable support department

For Deck Officers

  • Repairs and maintenance jobs
  • Day workers
  • Warehousing
  • Sails repairs
  • Upholstery
  • Inflatables

For Chefs

  • Fresh local provisioning
  • Imported products
  • Smart packing and handling
  • Sharp deliveries
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Exotic local fruits and veggies

For Crew

  • Special rates for rental cars
  • Tours
  • Hotels
  • Villas
  • Dive training

Get In Touch!

Email: nico@seamasterscostarica.comcris@seamasterscostarica.com

Phone: (506) 8861-8248 OR (506) 8362-2077

Check out the AYSS website here: https://www.ayss.org/

Find Sea Masters Costa Rica at their website here: https://seamasterscostarica.com/

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