The Med Season is fast approaching, which means yachts and their crew will begin their journey across the Atlantic into the Mediterranean seas. But why Are The Canary Islands & Azores the Top Mid-Atlantic Stops in 2022? AYSS Yacht Support currently has 21 Superyacht Agents located within the Med region to support vessels and crew upon arrival. However, since the global Superyacht network also has representatives in the Mid-Atlantic, we are able to share what makes them a good stop-off for captains and crews.

The Azores 

Azores - Top Superyacht Mid-Atlantic Stops in 2022
Image by Azores Getaways

Historically, The Azores have been a favorite stopover for sailors, but 2022 is looking particularly busy with Superyachts set to flock to The Islands to stop-off, typically for fuel, before continuing on to the Med. While not previously being on the list of top Mid-Atlantic stops for Captains, 2022 deems different. Crew have realised they’ve been missing a trick all these years and they’ve decided to act upon it.

Things for captains, crew, and guests to do in the Azores:

1. Explore the marine life in untouched waters

The series of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean attract a great deal of Marine Life in the Mid-Atlantic, much different from the sealife you’d find in the Caribbean or the Bahamas. With deep, crystal waters, guests and crew can go snorkeling, shallow-water diving, or adventure into the depths to deep water dive and whale-watch from up close.

2. Swim in Varadouro’s rock pools

Formed by basaltic rocks that were formed with the solidification of lava in the ocean, Varadouros rock pools offer one of the most unique swimming spots in the world.

Varadouro rock pools - The Azores

3. Cook your dinner inside a Volcano

The town of Furnas is located on So Miguel, the largest island in the Azores and the mouth of an active volcano. Th town is home to hot springs, which are too hot to bath in however, ideal for cooking. You’ll often find locals in the community visiting the springs to make hot drinks and food.

4. Wine Tasting

It’s been said for centuries that the volcanic soil in the Azores gives their wine the most distinct taste, leaving visitors coming back for more. Visiting an Azorian Vineyard will give yourself, the other crew members, or the guests a unique experience and understanding of how the community uses the local technique of ‘growing the vines in currais’.

5. Take a Jeep Tour/Hiking Tour

You’re surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, mountains, and waterfalls, so why not make the most of it? Go exploring by foot, or hire a jeep, with a tour guide to make the most of the scenic beauty on your short stay in the Azores.

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